or is he campaigning at the right time and saying what is needed to be both said and addressed in our  nation?

In my last post, I explained why I feel I am in a unique position to access if Donald Trump is a fool because of my past working experience and my passion for trying to relate ancient wisdom to our modern times.

King Solomon

King Solomon’s most recognized statement ‘Nothing is new under the sun,’ can be interpreted in philosophy, science, history, to be reasonably factual. Much of what has been transpired in regards to politics and human nature is basically a repeat performance in the course of history.

While there have been scientific discoveries and advancement in technology, as far a human nature, not much has changed. Men continue to seek power, wealth, engage in war, and at times, even peace prevailed in one generation or as a result of a gifted leader. Then, in the next generation, something goes awry again, and the folly repeats again. In my opinion, we humans just cannot seem to figure out the right recipe to make us ‘wise up’ over time.

Ancient Wisdom to Describe a Fool

I wrote a previous post to explain what I surmised King Solomon, based on his proverbs, would advise Donald Trump about how he would discern a wise man from a fool.  HERE

If you read the post and consider Donald’s frank invective comments and statements, you may discern he exhibits an awful lot of the qualities of a fool according to King Solomon’s proverbs.  However, there is another factor that comes in play that King Solomon also wrote about being very important in a person’s life. It is timing.

Politically Correct

Here in the USA, people in large numbers are frustrated with words that must be politically correct. If you make a statement, even if it is true, yet not politically correct, you are judged to be a political fool. An almost certainty may occur that various media will attack you and perhaps both  you,  your family, and your career may be blackballed by your own political party and even your friends and acquaintances.


I also wrote a post about political truth  in regards to some lifetime politicians .HERE

Are we also becoming frustrated with politicians who believe we cannot handle the truth and they know better what is best for our nation? In other words, do politicians consider us fools if we question their judgement or do not trust them even though they have access to know more about the details and should be in a better position to make decisions than voters can decide by majority votes?


Yes they probably should know more details, and when they sometimes mysteriously decide how to vote, we select them to make representative decisions on our behalf. Of course you have to wonder if their decisions may sometimes favor their campaign donors or themselves more than the voters.

Mysterious Method of How a Politician Decides How to Vote

Also if you ever watched a CSPAN viewing to see and hear a representative give a speech, there never seem to be many other representatives in the chambers. This always made me wonder where everybody is in Washington and how they decide on who or what bills to support. I bet someone in their political party just tells them what or who to support to vote, if they don’t, their party will blackball their requests for their districts or campaign contributors.

Lifetime Politicians and Details

Also, there is also the possibility that these lifetime politicians over time are mired down in details and have lost sight of what is most important.

Novel Excerpt- As a Lily Among Thorns

“Solomon, I noticed you studied the writings closely before you solved the riddle. Why did you do that?”

“We have a saying. Sometimes you must gaze upon details for a time in order to better comprehend a problem.” I replied.

 “We also have a saying. Gaze not overmuch, and let thy vision be dimmed. It seems we have two contradictory sayings.”

“I do not believe so. My saying means that sometimes we need to study the details of a problem closely in order to find a solution. Your saying states that if you look at a problem too closely for too long, you may become distracted in meaningless details and fail to comprehend what is most important.” I replied. 

What is Most Important?

So what is it that Donald Trump believes as most important that is resonating with listeners to his speeches and taking a lead in the polls? This in spite of the fact that he is obviously a self-assured, confident, displays an obvious arrogance and vanity in his speeches and fearless at mincing words to obtain media  attention stating invective personal remarks at his distractors or opponents.

Is it more important for politicians to be politically correct to be elected or reelected rather than solve problems that never become resolved in our nation. For example, in 1973 President Reagan gave amnesty to four million illegal immigrants which then somehow expanded into six million.

Today estimates are there are supposedly ten to twelve million more illegal immigrants and if you believe those numbers, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Why does it take forty three years to try to solve a problem in Washington?

Also Donald Trump believes it is most important to renegotiate our Free Trade agreements. I remember President Obama stating in his first Presidential campaign to renegotiate all trade agreements. Not one to the best of my knowledge has every been renegotiated. If you read my previous post, our trade imbalances are unfavorable every year in an amount of one half trillion dollars a year.

In My Next Post

I will explain my opinion of why Donald Trump may be the best Presidential Candidate along with additional King Solomon wisdom how to determine if a person is a fool.

Is Donald indeed running at the right time and circumstances to win the next Presidential election? Will his leadership direct our nation become great again? This is what we need to decide before we vote.


I will not address morals in these posts because if I do, someone will accuse me of being a religious zealot trying to inflict my religious beliefs on someone. I will stick to the topic of trying to discern a fool, according to King Solomon,  in relation to politics and not religion. However,  in my opinion, and the opinion of a fellow blogger Citizen Tom,  we need to consider this question .

.. “We don’t have to vote for the best candidate to win the election. We can vote for the best person for the job”I

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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