Tell me what you think, and don’t mince your words. A frank person never minces words.”

So is Donald Trump a fool for not mincing words?

In my previous post I quoted a King Solomon verse to explain why he decided not to attempt to soften words to make a point about pungent dead flies spoiling the scent of a fine perfume in an analogy to wisdom or folly.

Something also stinks in Washington about these two phenomenons, in my opinion.

Washington DC Lingering Phenomenon Number One

There is a phenomenon that takes place when you mince words and phrases in relation to time, place, and taking out of context meanings.

For example, consider these word phrasings.

“I will build a wall across our entire Southern Border.” … Donald Trump

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”……. Ronald Reagan

Now imagine Ronald Reagan stating this same request to the President of the Netherlands to tear down their walls (dikes) holding back the ocean from flooding their lowlands below sea level.

The USA is being flooded with illegal immigrants for forty three (43) years and the phenomenon has never been fixed even though everyone in Washington knows that in addition to either the blessings and/or  problems of illegal immigrants, tons of various drugs are also being flooded into the USA.

We have thousands of US Military Troops guarding borders all over the world since the end of WWII, sixty (60) years ago. Seems our nation’s leaders believe it is imperative to guard everybody else in the world’s borders except along the US Border. HERE

Washington Lingering Phenomenon Number Two

Since 1983, thirty three (33) years ago, when NAFTA Free Trade Agreement was approved by President Clinton, the USA has had deficit trade balances. There is a direct statistical correlation to deficit trade balances and higher levels of unemployment and decreased lower livable wages.

Every Free Trade Agreement negotiated by our inept Trade negotiators ever since NAFTA has never put any safe guard restraints to prevent trade imbalances. This fact even though the WTO World Trade Association, of which the US is a member nation  has stated that deficit trade balances are harmful to a trade partner.


Yogi Berra passed away this month. One of his famous statements was

 “It ain’t over until it is over.”

For Yogi, may he rest in peace, it is over.

My question is not when these two issues will be over? It is this question.

Will it ever be over?


King Solomon’s Ecclesiastes Chapter 10

King Solomon wrote a verse that I believe we should keep in mind about walls and pits in relation to Donald Trump and all the political candidates running for President..

8 Whoever digs a pit may fall into it; whoever breaks through a wall may be bitten by a snake. 

What to Do

There will be more debates, and still plenty of time for us voters to decide if Donald Trump is a fool. Only a fool would want another fool to be their leader. Will Donald Trump be bitten by a snake for promising to build a wall  or fall in a pit with his own words. I hope not. Why?

Because I for one, believe the time has passed for gentleman type debate on these two issues. We need to hear someone who is not afraid to mince words to end the endless buzzing of politician flies continually chasing after the wind. The only sound you ever have heard in Washington on these issues in forty three (43) years is the sound of Dead Bills to correct the issues falling and dying on the floors in the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital.

Citizen Tom

Consider Citizen Tom’s suggestive comment in his post.

“We don’t have to vote for the best candidate to win the election. We can vote for the best person for the job.”


At the very least, we know Donald Trump knows three words we never seem to hear in Washington that need to be said by both Trump and all concerned voters to our political leaders and representatives..

“You are fired!”

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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