What to do with them?

Definitions of a scoffer (Verb used without object)

  1. To speak derisively, mock, jeer (often followed by at)

If you can’t do any better, don’t scoff. Their efforts at a peaceful settlement are not to be scoffed at.

2. In the Bible, scoffers are those who choose to disbelieve God and His Word. They say in their hearts, “There is no God” and make it their ambition to ridicule those who follow God.


King Solomon

10a. Drive out a scoffer and strife goes out,

10b. Litigation and insult come to an end. (Proverb 10:22)

 The Greek translator believed that the verse had a legal context in view, and litigation can deteriorate into litigiousness. Toy, however, is right in saying that the verse has wider aspects of strife and discord in mind. The arrogant, supercilious person has a genius for treating dissension and is a master of invective and denigration. He is a divisive agent who destroys harmony and mutual respect in any association of men, and there will be no peace until he is expelled.  Gemser correctly says that v.10b follows on more naturally from v.10a than Drivers emendation. (Proverbs McKane)

My Interpretation

This proverb of King Solomon states if a person is a scoffer, rather than spend a lot of time in a court, the best thing to do is expel the person from the assembly or community and end the strife he or she is causing.

In the USA, we have a first amendment right of free speech and because of this right we have an immense number of lawyers (1 for every 300) and judges in relation to population than any other country in the world.

In my opinion

If you do not agree with a politician, do not vote for them.

If a person is an activist for a belief or cause you do not agree with, ignore them and do not entertain their company.

If a person mocks an opinion or an idea to resolve problems,  and does not offer his or her idea for a practical lawful solution, expel them rather than allow them to scoff and disrupt your assembly or community,

The sooner you expel a scoffer and avoid time consuming litigiousness, the sooner the strife and dissention they may cause will end.

In other words, it is wise to expel scoffers.    

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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