Are suicide bombers martyrs or fools? Are we fools?  

To answer this question, we need a clarification because definitions have changed over the years for the word fool.


1a; a person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a religion

1b; a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle


2a:  a person lacking in judgment or prudence

2b:  one who is victimized or made to appear foolish :  dupe

Comparison of English word “fool “ in original Hebrew and Greek.

The fool in Proverbs is someone who is in moral antithesis to God. This is not an insult or a slur; it is an accurate description of the state of his mind, since the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 1:7). The proverb-writer is not making ad hominem attacks, but is locating the individual theologically.

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King Solomon used only two words to judge a person’s actions, wise or foolish. Problem is when you name or call someone a fool, you are likely to incur and enemy. Yet how do you assess their actions and identify their actions to be folly without calling or naming a person a fool?

How can someone assess the difference then between a martyr and a fool?  If you identify a person as a  fool, are you making a wise statement or assassinating a person’s character, faith, or religious belief?

To answer these questions, I will relate King Solomon’s writings in relation to the conventional definitions of a fool and his or her ability to discern for themselves. To discern if they are being brainwashed to think they will be a martyr according to one religious leader’s interpretation, or as a fool by another religious leader’s interpretation of the Quran.

In My Previous Post

I stated I will address what is known from various articles written by persons who have studied and interviewed people who were trained to become a suicide bomber.   After reading numerous articles, in my opinion this article explains the origination including the methods and techniques used to recruit suicide bombers. HERE

Obama and Clinton do not want to identify the terrorist suicide bombers as Islamist terrorists because they fear it will incite all Muslims to the terrorist’s cause. I believe we should instead label terrorists as fools and relate them to their leaders. For example, ISIS Fools,  Boko Haram Fools, Obama Bin Laden Fools, etc.

In other words, a suicide bomber trusts the reliability of his leader with his life. That is why I believe they should be identified as fools to their leader.

The question arises, are they fools in the context of The Quran which forbids anyone from killing themselves or innocent people. I frankly have no idea or knowledge other than to wonder about the meaning of the third verse of Chapter 4,  in the source below, that  states to not kill themselves. 

If a political or religious leader interprets the teachings of the Quran that a suicide bomber is a martyr for a cause,  then the leader bears responsibility and is complicit and supportive of the cause.

Problem is we have different sects of Islam and no one seems to be a final authority over all Muslims to make a validation that applies to all Islam. For example, the Roman Catholics have a Pope who has final authority when there are various religious interpretations.  

That is why I say, we should name the leader who motivates a suicide bomber instead of a blanket term of a radical Islam terrorist.  Why? Because what interpretation of Islam is radical  and what religious interpretation do they believe ? 

Are  fighters for ISIS radical being influenced by a political leader for a territorial claim,  or is a religious creed being used as propaganda?  What are we doing to address propaganda or to dissuade a religious belief that is not in total agreement by all Muslims?   

Also, since Islam considers King Solomon a prophet, what he wrote should have some weight, bearing, or significance with the beliefs of Islam.  

King Solomon

I interpret King Solomon would consider anyone who kills himself a fool according to his writings explained in the previous post. Of course, his writings originated seven hundred years prior to Islam. However, his writings were written to guide a person to wisdom both philosophically as well as righteous conduct to help him or her to live a long meaningful life.   

The words of the wise men adorn knowledge, but the mouths of of fools spouts folly. (Proverb 15:2)

When fools speak, folly overflows like water bubbling up from a copious spring. Dahood’s interpretation of this proverb isi to postulate a root is a dialectical variant, and argues the ’drip’   can be had without emendation. The tongue of sages drips with knowledge same as honey drips from a cone. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

Why Assess a Suicide Bomber to be a Fool

Because it would send a message that there are different religious interpretations of Muslim beliefs. If religion is being used as a weapon, it should be recognized and addressed by our leaders.  In my opinion, Islam religious leaders need to come forward and speak out how and why the propaganda of suicide bombers will foolishly cause both themselves and  their families harm instead of honor and reward.

As snow in summer, and rain at harvest, so honor is out of place for a fool. (Proverb 26:1)

The message should be broadcast daily in the news media until a resolution or solution to the USA and world involvement in the Mid East ends. We are sending military and bombing there every day. That means we are at war every day, not with criminals, with an enemy who wants to retaliate by killing enemies.  

President Obama

You preached that you would not pause to  bring in more Mid East refugees to the USA because;

“that is not who we are.”

May I remind you that we average citizens are not afforded every day protection by the Secret Service. I will pray for you to reconsider and be prudent in your decisions to risk our safety. I say this so that you may not someday have to  preach to the families of victims killed or harmed by a refugee terrorist suicide bomber;

“ that is not who they were.”

In My Next Post,

I will explore plans and strategies of the past, present and future.  Who we are, were, and may be in the future. in regards to terrorist suicide bombers. Are they criminals or enemies Has President Obama’s plans and strategies wise or foolish. You may be surprised?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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