Why should  we pray for the suicide bombers?

Every mother probably wonders why Tashfeen Malik would abandon her six month baby and become a suicide bomber. How evil a person could she have been?- or was she evil?- or did she act like the mother in the King Solomon story of the two mothers, each  claiming a baby was theirs after one died. I have a personal suspicion her motive may have been she could have been a fool and a victim of a surety in this sad and tragic attack. Why?

If you would read a link in a previous post referenced below, of the methods used to recruit suicide bombers, two possible motive become apparent.

  • Suicide bombers are being recruited at a young age.
  • Some young suicide bombers are brainwashed to believe  they will be  protecting their families by their action.
  • Once they are enlisted, or they accept a surety to become a suicide bomber, they are threatened they must carry out the action or they and their families will be killed.

King Solomon’s Proverb about Surety

He who has gone surety for a stranger will have to suffer for it, but he who hates contracts will be secure. (Proverb 11:15)

This proverb is a warning not to become indebted to a stranger. A stranger being similar to Mafia juice man who you borrow money from. We all have seen movies or stories of what happens to fools who do not pay back.

Was the fact that she pledged her allegiance to ISIS on Facebook a message or an appeal that she would fulfil her end of an evil contract and do not harm her family? You decide.

In my Opinion

Pray for your enemies, We have all become victims of terrorists and an evil ideology.

Regards and goodwill blogging

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