Is Islam a religion or a political ideology? How much does the average American know about Islam?

Frankly, I always considered it a religion, but now have doubts. If it is a religion, our First Amendment protects all its right of separation of Church and State. Does Islam promote an  idealist violent overthrow of our government or does it seek to peacefully change our Constitution in a similar way that Judaeo/Christianity religious beliefs influenced the founders of our Constitution?

Are terrorist killing Americans in retaliation to our bombing the Mid East. Did our invasion in Iraq cause a belief that we are changing their rights to political beliefs in Theocracy to Democracy an infringement of their religious beliefs?

Religion or Political Ideology?.

Donald Trump, again has brought up an issue that needs debate according to this article. HERE

Pat Robertson, believes Islam is not a religion.

Hillary Clinton believes banning all Muslims entry into the US is playing into the hands of terrorists. It will stir up more Islamic believers to consider Americans as infidels and join in a jihad to kill them as in written in the Quran.

President Obama’s  strategy is to stay the course he has in place to keep US military boots off the ground as much as possible. At least, that is what I interpret. However, I wonder if he believes risking US lives in our Homeland as collateral damage.

Bill O’ Rielly is beating the war drums for all NATO nations to unite and send a military force to wipe out ISIS.  Will this be interpreted by Muslims as another Crusade?

What is the Cost and Risk of Terrorism in the Homeland?

The USA is presently are spending eighty billion dollars a year to police and try to prevent homeland terror acts.

There are four million Muslims in the USA. Last week Bill O’Reilly made an offhand comment that every religion has ten percent of zealots. If you consider that, it means there are 400,000 potential Muslim zealots now in the USA.

In my opinion

We indeed need a conversation what to do about US involvement in the Mid East. We also need to review our present laws on how to prosecute terrorists. Are they criminals, traitors, or brainwashed fools of a political ideology intertwined in a religion?.

The mass media is secularized and people know they no longer are fulfilling the main duty of  the press which is this. The first purpose of Journalism, to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing,  Based on this and what I am hearing and reading in the news, the average American , including Congress, have no in depth understanding or knowledge about Islam or any trust in our political leaders wisdom.

King Solomon

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. (Proverb 22:3)

Get good advice and you will succeed; don’t go charging into battle without a plan. (Proverbs 20:18 (GNT)

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