Do you want to know why Muslim terrorists want to kill Americans?

We have factual statements in today’s news report in the Chicago Tribune from the mouths of two homeland convicted terrorists.

“With the US, no matter how many you kill they will  keep coming unless the soldiers and the American public no longer have the will to fight. If we can break their spirits, we will win.”

So the next question is why do the terrorist want to break our spirits. This is what the terrorist said

If he could not get to Syria, he would stay in the US, and “fight and die here in the name of Allah.”

King Solomon

Proverbs 25:9 “Debate thy cause with thy neighbour [himself]; and discover not a secret to another:”

This is telling us how to solve a problem with a neighbor. If you have a peeve, go and tell the neighbor. Have prayer with the neighbor, treat him as you would want to be treated yourself, and your argument will be over.

Don’t go gossiping to other neighbors. Settle it between just the one the argument is with and yourself. You will gain a closer friend.


Why are we stopping any Muslims terrorists from leaving the USA?

Why are we allowing any Muslims terrorists that leave, to come back to the USA?

What is the US strategy for combating Muslim religious propaganda that incites Muslims to “fight and die here” to kill Americans “ In other words, in relation to the above King Solomon’s proverb, what is peeving off Muslims about Americans?”

If the US strategy is to militarily defeat the Muslim terrorists in their own countries, how long must our military stay in those countries?

How long will it take the Muslim terrorists o break the American spirits?







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Chicago Tribune December 15, 2015  Ex-Guardsman Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Plot