Is Larycia Hawkins outreach of solidarity to Muslims wise or foolish?.

In the Chicago Tribune December 17, 2015, an article reports that a Professor at Wheaton College was suspended for her conflation of Islam and Christianity. In other words she tried to bring two religions together. Others are joining in with her. Is her quest wise or foolish?

There are some seemingly common beliefs in both religions. For example, both Islam and Christianity believe there is one God. Islam considers King Solomon and Jesus Christ to be prophets.She chose to begin wearing a purple headscarf, a hijab, as a gesture she explained.

“I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they llke me, a Christian, are people of the book.”   

Sounds to me like she has a big heart, but unfortunately she is walking down the wrong path. Why? What is wrong with her action?. Even Pope Francis stated we are all creations of one God. Why can’t we all agree to one religious belief then?

Because, while her  reasoning of solidarity appears well meaning,   her statement of reasoning is a conflation of religious beliefs. To explain why the two books are not the same.  compare how the Christian College reacted to her actions to how an Islamic College would react.

Wheaton college suspended her from teaching until Spring.

Now let us imagine another teacher took a similar token of solidarity, and instead took off her the hijab in Saudi Arabia, What would her penalty be?

In Saudi Arabia (the birth place of Islam and home to its holy shrines) if a woman does not wear Hijab, she incurs humiliation, interrogation, stigmatization and sometimes lashing and prison.The Westerners do not reject Islam because it’s Islam; they resent the faith because of what’s being done in its name and its Shariah laws; such as stoning, oppression of women and religious minorities, incitement and fatwas against non-Muslims, endless supply of suicide bombers, chopping people’s heads and extremities and lack of tolerance for non-Muslims.

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King Solomon

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. Put away from you a deceitful mouth And put devious speech far from you.  (Proverb 4-24)

In my Opinion

Larycia Hawkins has a big heart, but unfortunately she went down the wrong path. While there are two books, there is indeed a conflation of religious beliefs in the teachings of the books.

Until Islam changes their book and agrees to turn the other cheek rather than  join in a jihad to kill an offender of their religious beliefs and laws,  their will always be a conflation of the two books.

Do as wise King Solomon advised.  Keep devious speech from fooling you to believe it is rightful to kill someone including  yourself for a religious belief. Guard you heart, it is a spring for life.

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