How would you answer this question?

True story. My youngest grandsons responded to their mother’s lighthearted teasing question about who they want to  marry.

The amiable three year old boy said he wanted to marry his mother. His analytical seven year old older brother thought for a while before he answered. Then he said he was not sure and commented, “ what if I do not still like her a year after I marry her.

I laughed at their answers at first, and  then thought more about what he asked.  

How would you reply in answer his concern?  How would King Solomon reply?

Before I surmised what King Solomon might advise him, I thought about the current divorce rate of approximately 40 percent in the USA. Frankly, everyone contemplating marriage should think about this question. This innocent seven year old’s  question is actually a very profound concern we all should think about. 

I had previously written a post titled King Solomon’s Advice How to Choose a Wife HERE. However, it is not an age appropriate  explanation for a seven year old boy.

Contemporary Times

Nowadays, numerous couples decide to marry after living with each other for a while. I won’t touch on modern chastity values because of what I see in movies and read and hear about in the news. Reality today is many young couples engage in sex before marriage.

The best contemporary advice a mentor once gave me when I was in the dating scene in my youth was this. “Never date a girl that you would not consider marrying.”

King Solomon

I finally surmised what advice King Solomon might give my seven year old grandson to answer his concern. Next time we are one on one, I will offer this grandfatherly advice and elaborate on it with him.

A godly wife is a gift from the Lord, and a token of His special favor. (Prov. 18:22.)

I will pray that someday he will grow up and sing this song to his wife the same way I still do to my wife of forty eight years.HERE

Regards and goodwill blogging.