are Muslims fair to Americans. Is Islam a religion of peace?

In my previous post I stated I will explore the differences in the Bible versus the Quran to find out if Islam is a religion of peace and if Muslims are fair to Americans.

In my first post I stated  a question by stirred by interest in Islam. I also stated that I am not qualified to judge any religion, but because I am an American, I believe I have both a right and duty to find out what Donald Trump asked, about Islam, “what the hell is going on.” for the reasons I explained.

What I Believe About All Religions

I believe that people are influenced in their first choice of religion by the location of the country in the world they were born. Their first faith is taught to them by parents and communities. Some people may change in later life to another religion or faith for various reasons.

The Western world society has been changing over time from mainly Judaeo-Christian beliefs to a secular society. A secular society in the sense of becoming a culture that no longer is guided by religious moral values as their principal source of guidance. The main reason is because of the high costs parents must pay to send their children to private religious schools.  In public taxpayer funded schools, it is unlawful to teach any religious values, only secular values.

Islam is a religious fundamentalism belief in one God and shares many of the same Judaeo-Christian beliefs and values. However, Islam cannot be conflated with Christianity because dogma, and of certain words in the Quran about defending Islam by killing infidels (non-believers), whereas Christianity words in their Bible defend their faith by “turning the other cheek.” Also Christians would never agree to Muslim Sharia laws.

It was by the action of Christians “turning their cheeks” that Rome ended the killing Christians, and Martin Luther King won over his cause in the USA of race inequality. I cannot imagine any American or Christian woman embracing Sharia laws.

Pat Robertson believes that Islam is not really a religion but a political movement because of the words in the Quran. I would venture to guess that if the Supreme Court looked into the words, they might concur that the words do have an element of politics included in the Quran. However, that will never happen because of the reasons I stated in Post Two.

King Solomon

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” (Proverb 18:21)

In short, language is a political instrument, using that word broadly, and satisfaction is to be had in the political goals which can be reached by masterly use of its potentialities. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

Power of Words

Words have power. History has recorded many human failings of men who sought power for various reasons. History also recorded how words have been used to inspire men to perform heroic self-sacrificing actions in both time of peace and war. In other words, words can inspire both good and evil in human actions.

That is why I have come to the opinion that Americans are naive and foolish to ignore understanding and not confront the words in the Quran. The words are being used by powerful influential Muslim leaders to inspire young impressionable idealistic youths in the USA to believe they have a duty to kill infidels to defend their faith.

Unless Islam changes the Quran, or Westerners change their culture, there will always remain both the threat and the possibility of terrorism in any nation that has allowed Muslims to immigrate into their society. That is perhaps unless they are left alone and allowed to assimilate and prosper for three generations.  Three generations is a long time and a lot of other cultural social problems may result to affect national unity in the interim.

The possibility of forcing permanent change by shock and awe of weapons in war and armed conflict could result in only a short term solution for peace. In time, the same conflicts will arise again as it has in past centuries.

I believe Islam religious fundamentalism change is almost impossible for two reasons. The first being Islam forbids changing the Quran and in fact there is a numeric code to prevent anyone for altering any of the words. The second reason is there is no final authority to resolve the various disagreements between the Muslim Imams all over the world. When I asked Islamwich about this question in Post Two, her reply was my question was not fair.

In My Next Post

I will explore the subject of fairness and truth in the context of religion and politics, I stated in Post One that after thinking about her reply, it dawned on me the main questions Americans should consider about Islam relates to fairness.

 Regards and goodwill blogging.

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