are Muslims fair to Americans. Is Islam a religion of peace? 

In my last post I stated will explore what I believe is the most important question we should all ask ourselves. If you are a person of faith, what do you believe the purpose or reason God has for the fact that there are so many different religions?

When asked why Americans do not confront Islam, I discerned him to mean to challenge who or what authority is being used to motivate mainly young men and women to engage in acts of terrorism..

Not to judge Islam as a theologian, but to try to understand the reasons why we, both Americans and Muslims are at war with radical Islamic terrorism. I do not believe all Muslims are terrorists, only that given the wrong circumstances, words in the Quran could easily be used as they are to motivate violence, as apparently is what is happening in the world today.

What is the Answer What to Do?

I have no perfect answer how to solve the problems in the world that have been going on for the last 3000 years. This much I do know, based on the evidence in history.

We humans have been confronting each other in wars and keep on repeating the same folly in every new generation. King Solomon observed this and it is recorded in Ecclesiastes.

The why of this folly motivated me to write a contemporary novel about the Biblical meeting of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba 3000 years ago. In the novel I surmised, based on Solomon’s writings, how he may have answered the Queen of Sheba’s question of how two different cultures could manage to exist and rule in peace with each other if they would wed. This is an Excerpt is what I wrote and published in 2013.


“Which of us would rule over the other? Will you as the Israelite husband and father figure, be the final decision for both our kingdoms as is your customs now?” She asked as her eyes narrowed in focused concentration.

“No Bilqis. I propose that we two leaders of separate nations should rule, as do the locusts. Remember my telling you to look at the smallest creatures in nature for their wisdom and guidance. A locust lives alone in the desert and has no king. However, a swarm of locusts that unite when the need arises becomes a powerful formidable force to deal with. Locusts become well organized, disciplined, and maintain perfect marching order when they attack as a community. We will live in our separate kingdoms, as do the locusts, we will swarm our enemies if provoked, and will combine the power of our numbers and resources for the good of both our communities.” Locusts have no king, but they march in perfect formation. (Proverb 30:27)

Bilqis seemed to accept my answer. She became silent in contemplation for a short while before she asked her next question.

“Solomon, which of our Gods will guide our people?”

“Our Gods would be different, but we would prove to the world that all peoples are capable of living side by side in peace and prosperity regardless of religious beliefs. Perhaps that is the reason for the mystery why there are different beliefs of Gods in the first place. That is for men to discover for themselves the wisdom and means necessary to live in peace and prosperity regardless of the differences in their cultures and religious beliefs.”

Ten Centuries Later ……

The Bible recorded the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who delivered good news of change of the Old Covenant to a new Covenant of peace and love.

My Opinion and Choice of Religion

I personally would not make the same choice as Islamwich made to change faith from Christian to Islam because of my personal belief in Jesus Christ and that a religion should inspire followers to live in peace in obedience to the Ten Commandments. All humans only have a short time to live and we need to make wise choices.

What the World Needs Now in Addition to Love is Wisdom

I believe Wisdom will lead me to choose the right direction on my path in life and Love will lead me to greatest rewards in life.

I try to keep in mind when I confront obstacles in my path that my Creator has a plan and purpose for me. I must work and endure every step I take and every choice I make. I am human and will make mistakes.

I pray for guidance to help me never lose sight of God’s plan and purpose. I have faith the Lord will lead me to make the right choices. He will reward me with justice for the choices I make and the actions I take to serve Him in on His earth, and hopefully in His heaven.

My Opinion on What to Do

All world religious and political leaders need to take a timeout and do what the locusts do in the world, that is this,

Swarm together as do locusts and march in perfect formation to figure out how to live in peace instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled children! 

I know what you are thinking, easier said than done, words are cheap, it is action that counts.

I say this in return. Take action this year and become involved in your local and national political affairs. Meet or write to you representatives to express your opinions. If they do not respond, do not vote for them. Shake hands with your pastor and help him and your parish anyway you can..

Regards and goodwill blogging.


In my previous post I stated I would provide sources I read on this topic for you to decide for yourself about this topic. I changed my mind because most of the sources bring up the past. As I stated in Post Three, in my opinion, bringing up anything about the past about volcanic religious and political human failings will not serve anything to resolve the issues of conflicts that keep repeating over and over again, in every new generation.

If you decide to google more information, you will find hundreds of opinions pro or con about Islam. The problem is trying to discern the truth in the various opinions.

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