It seems King Solomon had the same problem when he gave this advice.

In a previous post, I cautioned computer users never to store any confidential information, including Top Secrets, on any computer device because worms can be inserted  into the device to extract your information.

Today we call these people, who insert worms into our computer devices to obtain confidential information as hackers, pranksters, jokers, fools, scammers, crooks, spies, blackmailers, news reporters, industrial thieves,  enemies, terrorists, etc.

Some even use devices to record every key you enter and print out the information, codes, passwords, etc.

King Solomon

Of course, there was no internet in existence 3000 years ago. However, ancient Kings and rich men in authority had similar problems with various intriguers and interlopers intercepting transmissions of confidential information.

King Solomon gave a warning to everyone of his time, along with the actual methods used to transmit confidential information.

What is amazing though to me, is King Solomon’s God Yahweh provided by nature, for these same ancient carriers to go about and destroy worms.

Interested How?

Then read this verse in Ecclesiastes HERE

Ulterior Pupose of this Post

In ancient, as well as our modern times, people encounter(ed) various types of intriguers, and/or pranksters, who go about using various methods to fool you, especially on every first day of April. Nothing is new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

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