Why would King Solomon (KTL) kiss the lips, of (DT) Donald Trump, and (BS) Bernie Sanders? 

Steve Chapman on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders 
His Chicago Tribune column on Sunday April 3, 2016 is the best article ever written to explain the main reason of what trade deficits are doing to the future of American children, “foreigners want to buy land.”

In other words, today’s trades are the same as the yesteryear American Indians trade of Manhattan Island to the Pilgrims for wampum beads. Ask yourself this about the future of your children. How much did the land value rise since then in comparison to the value of wampum beads, or todays US dollars?

Another way to think about trade deficits is to consider that what could not be taken in American history by means of war, is now being taken by what Donald Trump describes as “stupid trade negotiations by dumb politicians.”

Thanks Steve Chapman. King Solomon, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and millions of concerned Americans, may kiss your lips because of what you reported about the end result of trade deficits and bad unfair trade deals for American workers.

In my opinion, you are also right about the matter of trade deficits being a “matter of accounting.” And that matter is what Trump is also saying, currency manipulation accounting .

Why King Solomon Would Kiss the Lips of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. 

He kisses the lips, who gives an honest reply. (Proverb 24:26)  

Wisconsin Voters, the Honest Truth is That……… 

It is your land too that is being sold to foreign owners.  Someday your children may also sing this song except this verse  will change instead from  “This Land is MY Land,” to “This Land is THEIR Land.” 

Why? Check out what your Governor Scott Walker approved HERE. 

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