Now that the FBI hacked the Terrorist phone, do you believe that my brothers have a worm crawling inside their prized apple?  

The Apple Prize Symbol Test

The history of the apple has a varied etymology over time as a prize test symbol.  For example;

In the Bible, it symbolized a prize to test obedience. Adam and Eve decided to question authority and failed the obedience test.

In the early 1900’s the name “the big apple” became both the symbol of both a prized city in our nation and the biggest prized horserace in our nation. Osama Bin Laden decided to test the spirit of our nation by attempting to wreck other prized “apple” symbols of America. He succeeded with the New York Twin Towers, and failed with the White House, and the Pentagon Building.

Steve Jobs, chose the name Apple as a symbol for his enterprise because he thought the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.” In his biography it was stated that Steve Jobs was known to question authority.

It appears to me his CEO successor appears to emulate him by questioning the authority of the request made by the FBI and the judge who ordered Apple to help unlock the terrorist Apple IPhone of a terrorist who killed our brothers and sisters.

In my opinion, by doing so, no longer is Apple Computer a fun, spirited, and not intimidating symbol of a successful enterprise. Instead, it has become a symbol of lawful disobedience to authority and perhaps greed by failing the same test as in Biblical times.

The CEO also seems to have emulated a man King Solomon described as half-hearted wrecker to his brothers, and our nation.

King Solomon

He who works in a half-hearted way, is brother to a wrecker. (Proverb, 18:9)

The one envisaged is slack and lazy in his business. He does not act as if he expected to be successful and his half-hearted unconvincing efforts are ruinous. He is a brother to a wrecker in a sense that although he does not ruin himself by wild insensate behavior which is devoid of self-interest and self-destructive, yet the end of his lethargy coincides with that of recklessness. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

My Interpretation of the Proverb in Context to Apple

The term slacker can be applied in other instances other than being lazy. He or she can be slack in their loyalty to our nation and by doing so may be a wrecker to his nation. A  result may be to ruin and risk the lives of his brother citizens. Are his reasons because he places more value on greed and profit of their business enterprise than his nations brothers and sisters? You decide.

Internet Security

Anyone who believes his or her security on any computer or phone will always be secure in time, is either a fool, or not aware how susceptible their computer devices are to internet hackers. We read and hear daily how US government and banks records are routinely hacked.

If the third party who came forward to help the FBI instead of Apple is successful, will that convince you?

Personally, because I blog on two controversial topics, religion and politics, I am on a first name basis at the local Microsoft store. That is because they will debug mine or anyone else’s computer free of charge that uses Microsoft programing in their computers.

Will Apple do the same when it is hacked in time? Then again is anyone certain is has already been hacked the hacker is keeping it secret.

Be wise, do not use or store anything you consider confidential on a computer device.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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