Is this the real reason Colorado GOP changed their caucus rules?

Is it a coincidence that the GOP changed its rules in 2012 to eliminate the straw poll vote which is what actual voters vote to indicate their preferences of a candidate? What else happened in Colorado in 2012 that might have influenced the Colorado GOP to get up on their high horses and decide that  only delegates who attend caucuses may  vote their preferences in the Presidential primaries.

Today’s news is reporting that the outcome of the delegates unanimous vote for Cruz over Trump has caused a lot of groaning by  GOP Colorado voters.

King Solomon

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan.  (Proverb 29-2)

A faithful and noble ruler, acting justly and wisely for the interests of his people, will be admired and loved. His throne, or his office and its authority, will be secure due to the loyalty and respect his citizens have for him. An election confirms or increases his rule.

What Else Changed in Colorado in 2012

Voters approved Amendment 64 by Popular Vote. Could it be that the GOP decided among themselves that because of this Ammendment that the popular voters would get on a different sort of high  and would no longer be capable to make righteous decisions on their own anymore ?

What was Ammendment 64?

You can read it HERE. You decide.

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