Who are the GOP political elitists who think they know better than plurality voters?

Excerpt Definition of Political Elitists

…..but all such theorists broadly share the notion that it is these few thousand “movers and shakers” who really run the country and determine the basic directions of public policy, certainly not the manipulated and powerless masses of ordinary voters choosing among candidates at election time.

Who Are They?

It is very simple to identify political elitists now that Trump will be the GOP Presidential Candidate. Every GOP politician that states he will not endorse Trump and continue to claim to be a member of the GOP Republican Party.

King Solomon         

In a previous post I surmised how King Solomon addressed leaders in his nation on the need for unity. If you are familiar with the Bible story of how King Solomon was chosen by King David to be his successor over an older half-brother, you may relate what I am now reading in the news about Republican Leaders. They cannot accept the fact that he has been selected, similar in nature as Donald Trump has been chosen by a plurality of GOP voters instead of who they, as elitists, prefer.

By not supporting Trump in spite of the fact that a plurality of voters have, do they now fit the above definition of a political elitist? If they now openly refuse to support Trump, they fit the description of this King Solomon Proverb.

He who works in a half-hearted way, is brother to a wrecker. (Proverb, 18:9)

In My Opinion

Any GOP leader who refuses to support Donald Trump now that he has been selected by GOP primary voters, should change their party affiliation. They probably will not though, because they will still want GOP endorsement, backing, affiliation, and fundraising resources when their re-election time nears.

This will then identify them to be a wrecker, a hypocrite, and a political elitist in my opinion.

If You are Interested, 

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Notice I wrote these posts in 2014 about similar circumstances we are now experiencing in 2016. The reason I mention this is because it reaffirms what King Solomon wrote 3000 years ago.

Nothing is new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) For what will the man do who is to come after the King? What men have already done. (Ecclesiastes 2:12)

Will we ever wise up?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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