Why righteousness will mathematically persevere over evil in time.

People of faith are constantly being attacked. For example, we read in current news and history books about how Christian, Jews, Hindus, Muslim Sects, and various other religions are being or have been attacked. Some attacks are deadly and some are political or philosophical theories such as secularism or atheism.

Today, we identify some religious faith deadly attackers as terrorists. Over time, other names were used. In the 20th Century Marxism, Communism, and Fascism. The 21st Century began with 9/11, a deadly terrorist attack with a various name still being debated over by politicians. For example, Taliban, Islamists, Muslims, Jihadists, ISIS, ISIL Boko, etc. etc.

What name will finally be agreed on for terrorists in this century will really makes no difference over time. If it is an evil action, evil is evil, is evil, regardless of any other name associated with the action in time.

If an action is righteous, it will always be identified with a common name of recognition over time and that is righteous.

So how can one philosophically or politically readily determine what is a righteous or an evil action? There are two clues. One is a mathematical clue that begins with a Wisdom Proverb.

In My Next Post

I will identify and explore the first clue, a Proverb with a mystery in the math  relationship of the number seven.

Regards and goodwill blogging.