Have  you ever attended a meeting and left thinking that you just wasted your time?

There are a number of various reasons why you thought so. I won’t try to list the reasons in this post except for one of the main reasons why many meetings fail to obtain results from participants.

In a novel excerpt, I surmised how King Solomon, based on his proverb, may have explained a story of a  gathering of his leaders what he expected from them. The novel is a contemporary application of how ancient proverbs are still applicable in our modern world.  E


“I sill ask some questions to stimulate your thoughts. Do we really have control on the choice of whether we choose war or peace? Do we have control of any of the choices I mentioned? What are the choices that we do have control? We must discuss, and discern ell on these questions and any others you may have. We must understand our agreements if we are to explain and lead our people.”

“Ahisar will now introduce those I have chosen to speak and the agenda to begin our meetings.” I concluded.

Ahisar stood and addressed the gathering. “Today we will begin presentations to explain ideas, plans, and goals. Beginning tomorrow morning, we will all listen and observe Solomon guide us on how to judge those that come before us seeking justice. After which, we will separate into groups to discuss each of our roles to implement our plans. The scribes will record our plans and commitments, and we will all sign our agreements at the end of this gathering. Solomon has stated that he is curious to see if scribes can write anything other than tax tributes.”

All laughed at this remark.

Ahisar  introduced each of the speakers and the subjects they would discuss.

 I ended the gathering stating.

“When you listen to the plans, think of yourself as a consular and advisor who will contribute to the plans. You must feel free to voice your concerns. We must have the widest consensus to produce the best plans that will succeed and stand the test of time. When this gathering ends, your plans must be our plans.” Where there is no consultation, plans come to nothing, but where there are many advisers, they stand the test of time. (Proverb 15:19)

When I finished my story, Bilquis was silent and appeared to be in deep thought before she  commented .

“Solomon, your wisdom seems to require a great deal of time planning and organizing. I will leave you now, as I need time alone to absorb the content of your story. I look forward to our dinner meeting tonight.”

After we parted, I recognized that I too was looking forward to our next meeting. I was enjoying her company, telling her my story, answering her questions, and listening to her comments. Her inquisitiveness was stimulating me mentally. Her presence and beauty was stimulating me physically. I first envisioned our meetings would be a burdensome task, but instead it was turning out to be a very pleasurable experience.


As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka

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