What gift should you give to your father? T

Three thousand years ago, Father’s Day was not celebrated as it is today in the USA. A day for sons and daughters to gather around their father to honor and thank him with a gift to show their love and appreciation of him as their father.

King Solomon wrote a proverb to explain his personal feelings of what gift would bring him the greatest joy and satisfaction from his son or daughter.

The father of a righteous man is overcome with joy,

He who begets a wise man delights in him. (Proverb 23:24) 

Wisdom has to be learned by a young man from those who are older and wiser than himself. It is a treasure accumulated from the past, appreciated fully by those of mature experience and transmitted to those youths who acknowledge the authority of elders and are receptive to their teaching.  Such wisdom results in the right conduct of one’s life. It is in this that parents see the confirmation that they have a son (or daughter) to be wise and truthful, and it is this which they contemplate with profound joy and satisfaction. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

Notice that King Solomon, as a father does not say anything about what occupation or wealth his son or daughter may achieve in life. What delights him the most is thinking that, perhaps because of his example and conduct in life, he may have influenced them to be wise and truthful in their life.

In my opinion, a wise father knows Divine Wisdom and truth will best lead their child to both honor and delight of the greatest gifts of joy in life.

Regards and Goodwill Blogging.