Why do many people hate someone who is running for President in the USA?  

Is it perhaps they do not want to hear his or her rebuke of their own opinions. Or is it because they do not like their style or manner of presentation. Or maybe their hair or skin color because it is not the same as theirs. Perhaps the candidate is a ‘I told you so,’ and no one likes to be reminded by someone who gave advice or opinion that was right and yours was wrong. Or is the candidate telling us the truth that we prefer not to want to hear or confront?

Or is there another reason?  And the reason is because they prefer to listen to the ‘song of fools.’ especially if they are young and/or immature in spite of their age.  Are they listening and participating in a ruinous song and dance of fools?  

In My Opinion

We need to discern the candidates by asking questions after reviewing their past record of leadership accomplishments. Keep in mind that we are choosing someone to be a leader. No one can be a leader without having followers. However, followers need to be wise instead of fools.

Also keep in mind the story about the Pied Piper who led rodents to their death. Also keep in mind that past revered leaders have not all been lawyers. Some have been farmers, businessmen, and even recently an actor. Also keep in mind, no one is perfect, all of us have made mistakes.

So how do we know who is wise or a fool. In my opinion we have to discern both the candidates. and ourselves.

Discernment Question 

Would you consider someone who refuses to listen to the truth to be a fool? They may be based on the writings of wise King Solomon.

King Solomon

It is better to heed the rebuke of a wise person than to listen to the song of fools. (Ecclesiastes 7:5)

It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise. To listen to it diligently, receive it cordially, and act according to it; though it may be disagreeable to the flesh, and give present pain, yet the effect and issue will be good, and show that man to be wise that hears it, as well as he that gives it, for a man to hear the song of fools; the vain and impure songs that foolish men sing in the house of mirth; or the flatteries of foolish men, which tickle and please the mind, as music and songs do: or, “than a man that hears the song of fools,” and is pleased with it. (Gils Bible Exposition)

In Other Words

A wise man when confronted with a problem, discerns the problem and makes a wise decision or judgement. He is not distracted by a person who tries to distract the issue by bringing up a “song and dance,” the modern equivalent to this ancient wisdom saying “song of fools.” Note that even if it is personally “disagreeable or painful,” for the wise man to act upon.

For example, anyone who ever saw the play or movie, Chicago, will better understand what I mean about using a song or dance in the courtroom scene. I relate this scene to what some politicians and news media do to distract the jury (we voters) from what are the real issues or problems are that we need to confront and make wise decisions.

In My Next Post

I will explore, based on a King Solomon proverb, one necessary requirement anyone must have in order to become a truly wise. Notice I said to become wise, rather than considered wise.

Regards and goodwill blogging.