What would disqualify someone from being truly wise?

In the previous post I stated I will explore, based on a King Solomon proverb, one necessary requirement a man or woman must have in order to become ‘truly wise.’

King Solomon

Give instruction to a wise man that he may be wiser still, inform a righteous man that he may be wiser still. (Proverb 9:9)


Certain men resist all attempts to educate them, not only because of intellectual but also because of moral obtuseness. The person wo affects intellectual superiority and who ridicules other men and their values with a show of arrogance is a common subject of criticism in the Egyptian Instruction…….(discussion of antithesis and parallelism) …..that the righteous man in v9, at least righteousness is assumed to be an essential part of wisdom. (Proverbs Mc Kane)     

 In Other Words

A truly wise man is capable of learning from the past (history), experience, and a truly wise person.

A wise man will discern a problem, and even if it is presented by an arrogant, ‘I told you so,’ and will not be distracted by the “Song of Fools.”

However, there is no possibility of anyone being truly wise if he or she is not righteous according to King Solomon’s proverb.

What Context of Righteous is the Proverb Referring?

For anyone interested in understanding the subject of righteousness in proverbs, I have listed a Biblical Scholar who is much more qualified than me. I recommend you read his explanation I included as a Source below.

However, in my opinion for purposes of this post in context to the Song of Fools, righteous is a man or woman who is recognized in their community as being honest, trustworthy, and good character. How this may be determined by voters is a real challenge for a voter during an election period.

What a voter will hear will be based on a ‘song and dance’ from the news media, paid advertisements and speeches and endorsements, by politicians, political parties, and endorsements from popular well know celebrities.

Problem is that some sources may support a candidate for personal gain rather than personal opinion.

The only one who will ever know if he or she has a righteous motive will be in accordance to this King Solomon proverb.

People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives. (Proverbs 16:2)

In My Next Post  

I will explore righteous motives, versus truth, in the context of the ‘Song of Fools.’

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