How much did Huckleberry Finn know about the wisdom of King Solomon?

In my opinion, a lot more than most Americans today know. It is a shame when King Solomon’s wisdom is readily available in our modern world. What is even more sad and shameful. is that just about everything he observed, recorded, and gave wise advice to teach us in his proverbs and Ecclesiastes to prevent us from folly is ignored. The same folly is still being repeated today, same as it has repeated in every new generation for the past 3000 years.

What do most people today know about King Solomon and his wisdom and what is their opinion of him? In my opinion this Excerpt in a Summary of the novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, may give you a sample of what I believe most people then, as well as today, know or think about King Solomon.

Excerpt Chapter 14  

  •  He tells Jim about all the pomp and circumstances surrounding these kinds of men. Jim is amazed. He says he’s never heard of kings before—except for “Sollermun” (i.e., the biblical Solomon).
  • Jim is skeptical that kings can get all the riches they want just by sitting around all day.
  • Huck confirms that this is the case. They also hang around their harem, he says, which is like a garage for their thousands of wives.
  • Nuh-uh, says Jim. If Solomon really did have a thousand wives, he wasn’t actually that smart after all, because he’d have to listen to the women gabbing all the time.
  • Besides, what about that really dumb decision about splitting the kid in two?
  • (Biblical aside: Solomon was a very wise man who could judge and solve all disputes. One day, two women came to him with a child, both claiming to be the mother. Solomon suggested that they cut the child in half, knowing that the real mother would rather give up her baby than see him split in two. His master plan worked, of course.)
  • Surprisingly, Huck actually remembers what the Widow taught him from the Bible and tries to explain that Solomon didn’t really want to cut the kid in half.
  • Jim can’t (or won’t) understand. He keeps insisting that Solomon is stupid for wanting to cut a child in half, because half a child isn’t good to anybody.
  • Probably, he says, Solomon was so wasteful of children because he had about eight million kids himself. If he only had two kids, he wouldn’t be so eager to go chopping them in half. (Source HERE

What is My Point?

In two previous posts referenced below, I wrote my opinions of why we continue to repeat the same follies of the past and ignore the wisdom of the past.

One post is because we believe we are wiser in the present, rather than past generations.

The other post is we do not teach wisdom in our schools.

When will humankind wise up is my point? We sing out ‘what the world needs now is love, sweet love.’ Yet the two Divine Blessings our Creator gifted His humankind creations are Love and Wisdom.

I sure wish some talented songwriter will compose a song to include wisdom. Yes, love is a blessing, However. we need wisdom to alert us from experiencing foolish love instead of Divine Love.

Yes, love and wisdom could sure help, as well as  rid  the world of a hell of a lot of folly being evidenced in today’s news.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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