Have we, or our Congress, ever exhibited these readily identifiable characteristics by listening to the Song of Fools?

In the previous post, I stated I would explore righteous motives, versus truth, in the context of the ‘Song of Fools.’

As stated in previous posts, a truly wise righteous person, when confronted with a problem, or even a deserved rebuked from an arrogant “I told you so,” will discern the problem and not be distracted by the ‘Song of Fools.’

For Example

A fellow blogger, CitizenTom.com, wrote this excerpt statement in his post titled, Time to Gang Up on Trump.

“What is the problem? Donald Trump has a nasty habit of saying things that offend people.  What is peculiar, however, is that folks are offended the most when Trump says stuff that is perfectly true.”

What is My Point?

I referenced two sources below about why people do not want to hear the truth. One addresses denial, the other courage.

My point is this. Listen to what Clinton and Trump are saying in regard to truth in the context of these King Solomon advices on wisdom. He personified wisdom in the form as a Goddess of Wisdom.

King Solomon

It is better to heed the rebuke of a wise person than to listen to the song of fools. (Ecclesiastes 7:5)

Wisdom cries aloud in the streets, she raises her voice in the squares. On top of the walls she calls out, at the entrances of the city gates she utters her sayings.How long, untutored youths, will you love immaturity? Scoffers are infatuated with scoffing, and fools hate knowledge. (Proverbs 1:20-23)

 How Does His Advice Relate?

We Americans have been voicing our concerns to Congress. Yet instead of hearing our voices and concerns, Congress is acting like elites, and/or immature untutored youths that hate knowledge, and/or are scoffers. A scoffer is not a righteous person, and is infatuated with their own personal or special interests and/or motives.

Are We and Congress Fools?

In my opinion, including myself, I believe the answer is yes for many of us based on what has transpired in USA issues that have occurred in the USA in the past thirty years.

Why? One reason is because we have listened to the ‘Song of Fools’ instead of discerning history of mankind that is the available knowledge and wisdom of King Solomon which has been in existence for the past 3000 years.

Another reason is because we prefer to remain in our personal comfort zones.

Examples of USA Issues

  1. Twenty trillion National Debt
  2. Fifteen-year involvement of US military conflict in the Mid-East in an undeclared war.
  3. Forty-three years since illegal immigrants were granted amnesty and the E-Verify work laws are still not enforced.
  4. Trade agreements have never been renegotiated since 1993 NAFTA. Trade deficits are now over one-half trillion a year.
  5. Fifty million people in USA are on food stamps. Millions obtain rent subsidies and various other social aid benefits..
  6. Fifty percent of US workers believe they are underemployed in relation to their skills or working part time because they cannot find full time work.
  7. Middle class wages are same as in 1970.
  8. College students accumulate massive debt to obtain college degree and may not find a livable wage job to pay off collage debt.
  9. Pension plans and 401K plans not enough for workers to retire so they no longer can afford to retire.
  10. Medical Insurance Deductions keep rising.
  11. etc.

In My Opinion

You decide if we voters have been listening to the Song of Fools.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Reference Sources  

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