Why would someone donate millions of dollars to a political candidate?

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of taking off limits on political donations. When it was announced, President Obama “assailed the Supreme Court Ruling.”

King Solomon

A bribe is seen as a charm by the one who gives it; they think success will come at every turn. (Proverb 17:8)

 “whithersoever it turneth it prospereth: to whatsoever cause, or to whatsoever persons, judge or jury, it is given and received; it succeeds far better than the most eloquent orations, or learned pleadings in law, or appeals to statutes, and the production of them. Money answers all things; a gift blinds the eyes; it is like a diamond, so sparkling and dazzling, so charming and attracting, that the person to whom it is offered cannot resist it; and it draws him to do whatever is desired of him; it carries the cause, it succeeds according to the wish of the giver:” (Excerpt Gils Commentary)

Donation or Bribe?

In our modern democracy, a political donation is needed to help a candidate win an election. However, how would you determine if the amount donated becomes a bribe?

The Wall Street Journal on July 29, 2016 Reported these amounts were donated as follows

Hillary Clinton – $48,500,000

Donald Trump – $19,000  


  1. Are the Hedge Funds trying to bribe Hillary Clinton?
  2. Or is it because the Hedge Funds do not like Trump and are contributing vast amounts to defeat him for an altruistic or patriotic reasons?
  3. Will Hillary Clinton really fulfill her promise to “reign in” on Wall Street?
  4. Why is it that President Obama is no longer “Assailing the Supreme Court Ruling” now that the unlimited campaign contribution funds are going to the Democratic Candidate,

You Decide?

Politial donations or proverbial bribe stones?

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