Are Hillary’s proposals pleonasms?

After reading an article titled “Hillary’s Recycled Speech,” it occurred to me that all her recycled proposals are for the most part, pleonasms.


pleonasm is the additional and extra use of added, spare, unnecessary, redundant (superfluous or surplus), unneeded, and uncalled-for words in addition to, and on top of, what is necessary or essential. Or required. Or obligatory or vital or requisite or crucial.

King Solomon

It also occurred to me that King Solomon’s 3000-year-old statement may also be associated to describe her speech program proposals.

Nothing is new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

If Interested

Read the article and you decide if her proposals are recycled pleonasm political promises.  HERE

In My Opinion

If the politicians would just do what they keep promising every election, “Elect me and my number one priority will be livable wage jobs.:” there will be a lot less problems in the USA.
I did not hear anything in Hillary’s speech on what she will do to create livable wage job opportunities. Seems that after every election, politicians prefer to spend their time voicing distraction pleonasms to each other in their chambers instead of fulfilling promises.
Regards and goodwill blogging.