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Should I sue the Pope for Plagiarism?

If Interested…

First read his article dated 7/28/2015.          HERE

Next, read my previous post, dated 8/3/2016.   HERE

Notice, my post was almost one year earlier, within a few days.

What do You Think?

Should I sue? After all I brought up the subject at an earlier date than the Pope.

And Why Did He Not Name a Country?

Too many countries to name, perhaps, or, why state the obvious, perhaps?

On Second Thought

After writing this post, I decided I will not sue the Pope. Why? I would be a fool to challenge him because I agree with his choice of word “terrible”to teach immature children this choice.

My reason is teaching a child this choice can result in being a form of nurturing the child, at a time in their life when he or she are at a vulnerable age, when their hormones are “bubbling,” and may confuse their emotions.

King Solomon

Train up a youth in the way he ought to go, to the end of his life he will not deviate from it. (Proverb, 22:6)

In Addition..

My main concern is about teaching kids in second grade to read books about princes marrying princes, which is not exactly the same as teaching kids they can choose their gender.

However, teaching a child that gay is one hundred percent nature and not nurture, even though that too has never been proven scientifically one hundred percent. I believe that too is “terrible.”

Instead, I will check my local school district to find what they are teaching children about choosing genders.  Perhaps if I disagree with what they are teaching, I will do the same thing atheists do.

Atheists will argue that if schools do not have indisputable scientific proof what they are teaching, they will sue the school. Atheists have won court decisions using the argument science vrs. religion and won. For example. HERE

Regards and goodwill blogging.