trust more to renegotiate US trade agreements to favor US workers?

In a previous series of posts, I stated why I agreed with Trump that the trade agreements negotiated by US negotiators were not fair to US workers. The primary reason is that US workers cannot compete with a worker that is paid $200 a month when a US worker has to pay $800 a month for rent alone.

The result was a mass outsourcing of US jobs to other nations by US business to both improve profits or to match price competition with their competitors or go out of business.

Both Clinton and Trump are promising if elected, to renegotiate trade agreements. Question is, which one will succeed to balance the present huge unfavorable USA trade deficit, in excess of one-half-trillion-dollars.

I voted for Obama in his first term because he made the same promise. However, his promise dissipated like clouds in the sky that that appear to promise rain, but instead pass over and dissipate without producing even one drop of rain. In other words, Obama promises confirmed this 3000-year-old proverb written to describe what may happen to politician’s promises made in an election year.

King Solomon

Clouds and wind and no rain, a man who boasts about a non-existent gift. (Proverb 25:14)

Korus Free Trade Agreement Negotiated by Obama

Most of all US free trade negotiated treaties result in unfavorable US trade deficits. Obama negotiated Korus which was supposed to create 70,000 US jobs. Read a Source article below which reports the result has instead both decreased 75,000 US jobs and increased US trade deficits with Korea. Also read US Census report that confirms US trade deficits increased as the article states.

Yet in spite of the indisputable evidence that the Korus agreement is unfavorable to US worker jobs, both the Democrats and Republicans in office voted to give Obama ‘fast track’ authority to negotiate the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Why? Is it perhaps what Trump keeps inferring about rigged politics in both parties? Or is because both parties support a proven failure of unfair trade agreements evidenced by the growing US trade deficits since 1993.

What is My Point?  No. 1

In my opinion, most voters do not comprehend the US trade agreements issue in regards to trade deficits. The news media by in large, supports free trade and ignores and downplays the consequences of US trade deficits.

The question then is which of the two Presidential candidates will most likely fulfill their promises to renegotiate trade agreements?

King Solomon wrote another proverb for voters to consider. When you read it, consider that the ‘King’ he refers to is ‘you as a voter.’ Why? Because during an election year, that is the only time, ‘you as a voter,’ will have any ‘King like powers’ over a politician.

King Solomon

You have seen a man who is skillful at his work? It is with kings that he will hold office; he will not hold office with obscure men. (Proverb 22:29)

A man who has this mental nimbleness and adroitness will become a statesman of the first rank. He will not fail to make his way into the world; he will rise to the top by sheer acumen and flair for statecraft and will not bury his talents in the service of obscure and mediocre principals. (Proverbs Mc Kane Excerpt)

What is My Point? No. 2

Which one, Clinton or Trump, do you believe has more proven experience in the art of negotiation and can be trusted to fulfill their campaign promise to renegotiate trade?

In my opinion, free trade that is fair to both trade partners is what is needed. The World Trade Organization, WTO, of which the US is a member, has stated that trade balance  deficits are harmful to the trade partner that incurs the deficit trade balance. Yet Congress will not address this problem and in fact, no provisions to balance trade was included in Obama’ s Korus agreement or the present TPP that Congress  gave ‘fast tract’ powers to Obama.

Also in my opinion, if Trump and Sanders did not bring up the issue of trade deficits, both political parties would have remained silent on this issue. Why? Because certain powerful people who donate huge sums to political candidates do so to profit heavily on trade. While others lose jobs and livable wages as a result of unbalanced trade.

What to Do?

You decide who to vote for.

I sent Trump my thirty five dollars to help finance his campaign. If every one of the 14,000,000 primary voters who voted for Trump did the same, Trump would have  one half billion campaign dollars to use to spread his message directly to voters instead of being filtered by mass media who support Clinton and her political benefactors.

As for me, if this subject interests you, I will re-post daily the series of eighteen posts titled, King Solomon, Fair Trade.  Hopefully, anyone reading the posts and the pro and con comments may help them to  decide which of these two candidates is more skilled and trustworthy to do what they promise on this issue.

In My Opinion

Restoring livable wage jobs will help result in solving a lot of social and economic problems plaguing USA society.

Working people will pay taxes instead of receiving food stamps, rent subsidies, etc.

Increased tax revenue will help pay down the present USA National Debt of twenty trillion dollars.

Think of how the one half trillion dollars being paid in interest every year to mainly foreign holders of the debt could be used if spent for education and infrastructure.

Then think how another one half trillion dollars every year would spur the US economy if the dollars remained in the USA.

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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