My accolades to Poland, Ron Grossman, and Donald Trump!

Two news sources reported on two different topics linked with a silver and gold proverb.

For example, how many people have mispronounced the word ‘Polish,’ (a nation,) with ‘polish,’ (to shine an object,) in the wrong context, especially if the word is capitalized by being placed as a first word in a sentence.

What is my point and how does it relate to King Solomon and gold and silver? If, interested, read on.

King Solomon

This proverb was made in reference to an artful work of jewelry in context as the object King Solomon described in his proverb. I am substituting two news articles instead for the purpose to make my point. Any writer worth their salt should consider his or her writings as a work of art.

Apples of gold set in a silver design, a phrase that is well tuned, (Proverb 25:11a)

The point of this first verse is that your artwork of jewelry (news article) is enhanced by the use of silver (truth) being worked into the apples of gold (objectivity)  embodied in them. By doing so, it is to this center of extreme balances that words well-turned or well-timed are compared.

A ring of gold and a trinket of fine gold, one who gives wise reproof to a receptive ear. (Proverb 25:12b)

This ending verse describes an ideal news source and reader relationship by comparing it to two items of jewelry which go together an enhance each other.They are a good match and an effective combination complementary to each other.

Poland News Article (or Polish v polish)

My accolades to Poland for enacting a law to prevent a phrase to be a distortion of fact passed on to their posterity.

The law states anyone who uses the phrase “Polish death camps’ will be prosecuted.

Ron Grossman on Donald Trump

Ron’s news article is succinct in pointing out how a second grade boy learns with crayons about wealth social class differences and makes a point of how Donald Trump has revealed a dirty secret of how our political system works.

“Wonder of wonders, a billionaire businessman has educated Americans to the role of social class in a way that Karl Marx never could.”

In My Opinion

Ron Grossman deserves accolades for his weaving silver with gold in his journalism news article. I recommend you read the two articles below.

What is My Point

One article is an example to relate how mass media may serve to communicate special interests by construing words and phrase words that distort truth of root causes, responsibility, and direct blame on responsibility of fault.

One article is an example how news articles can report truth in in an objective artful manner.

News sources first purpose of journalism is to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing.

Regards and goodwill blogging.   

New Source Articles

Poland plans jail sentences for using ‘Polish death camp’ HERE

It took a billionaire to help us understand role of social class. HERE