Two gone, two more to go?

The Chicago Tribune article on May 29, 2016 titled, Losing Her Daughters to the Islamic State, presents insight to a Muslim mother’s choice. Two of her elder idealist daughters became radicalized and left home in Tunisia to join an Islamic State group ISIS or ISIL in Libya to become wives of jihadist fighters. Two of her younger daughters now want to follow their older sisters to join in jihad.

A photo in the article shows the mother with her two younger daughters on her side reading the Koran. The mother has now forbidden the younger daughters from accessing Facebook.

King Solomon

  1. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverb 22:6)
  2. A godly wife is a gift from the Lord, and a token of His special favor. (Proverb 18:22)
  3. Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.Put away from you a deceitful mouth And put devious speech far from you.  (Proverb 4-24)

What’s Going On?

If you compare the first two above Proverbs to the news article, one might think that God somehow is involved and supports Jihad. The girls having been trained with religious beliefs as children may now believe it is their calling and duty to join in jihad and become wives of jihadist fighters. Their younger sisters, via Facebook, have been in communication with the older sisters and want to emulate them too.

The third proverb gives another message of advice about a deceitful mouths and to stay far away from devious speech.


So now the question is which advice to discern and follow, their religious training, or the terrorists are deceitful and/or devious? How can the mother or daughters discern this conundrum between the writings in the Koran and the jihad so as to understand if the terrorist cause is the will of their God and has become their duty to their religious beliefs jihad?


People in power knows the best candidates to fight for a cause are young idealist or immature youth. That is, unless their parents or teachers have trained them to guard their hearts with the ability to discern propaganda, sales marketing, or idealistic messages of a demagogue who may charm them to their cause.

History has identified numerous individuals and stories of people, and even the pied piper who charmed and led rodents to self-destruction.

How to Discern Good from Evil?

To me, it is simple. Anyone who tries to persuade you to murder. For example:

Bible -Ten Commandments Sixth Commandment, “do not murder.”

Qur’an – An-Nisa’ 4:29  “And kill not another.”

In My Opinion

Terrorist suicide bombing of innocent bystanders, beheading prisoners, blowing up planes, etc qualifies to me as killing another. The terrorist leaders are using Islam to seek power and luring idealistic followers in the same manner as the pied piper used music as a lure. You decide.

This post is not intended to judge any religious beliefs. The proverb to guard your heart was written by King Solomon to alert us to discern wisdom from folly. This same advice is applicable to many other life experiences which you may need to discern. Proverbs won’t make you wise, only to alert you to danger, same as a road sign will.

If you are interested, I have listed a few previous posts below relative to my reasoning in this post.

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