What is the number one commodity or type of products that are being imported into the USA.

In my previous post I stated I would explore what the US nation’s rare assets are being exchanged for. You can decide whether or not the items being traded will increase in value and/or be a similar foolish bad deal in time in the context as was the wampum for Manhattan Island trade I compared in my previous post.

King Solomon

A man of small means with one servant is better off than on who makes a show of grandeur, but is short of bread. A righteous man cares for the well-being of his animals, but the feelings of the wicked are cruel. He who tills his soil has his fill of bread. (Proverbs 12:9-11)


Bostron holds that sentences of this kind indicate that a special value was attached to the tilling of the soil which was regarded as the highest kind of work, so that is is possible to speak of an agricultural ideal in the book of Proverbs. The antithesis, is particularly between such elemental work and involvement is dubious mercantile and financial transactions. (Proverbs Mc Kane)

What Products We Americans Trade

Check out if you are interested what the number one product commodity the US imports. Before you do, keep in mind that this product is what the holders are using the accumulated US dollars from out trade deficits. Ask yourself if these products will increase in value in the future same as US farmland and real estate. HERE

Wampum Trades Only We Americans Allow                                                         

In the Sources below, read how only the USA allows farmland to be sold to foreign nations. Our NAFTA trade partners, Mexico and Canada are smarter than our USA Congress because they have restrictions on sale of farmland to foreign interests. My point again is that the free trade economist theory that the US dollars will return to the US when the trade partners use the dollars to buy US products is a failed theory.

Foreign Investment

I have no qualms about foreign investment to build plants and employ US workers. However, are China negotiators smarter than the US negotiators by restricting foreign manufactures to share ownership of the plants to 51 percent China and 49 percent investor? And if a foreign nation investor manufacturer does not employ Chinese workers, they are not allowed to sell their manufactured products in the China markets. You decide if that is fair trade or smarter negotiations?

King Solomon Proverb Transposed

  • I have interjected my interpretations of above Proverb to update the relevance to the folly of free but unfair trade agreements negotiated by inept (stupid according to Trump) US negotiators and approved by our comatose Congress.

A man (Nation) of small (But Wise Leaders) means (Farmland) with one servant (US Worker) is better off than on who makes a show (Obsessive Use) of grandeur,(Electronic Gadgets) but is short of bread. A righteous man ( Ideally a Smart Non Corrupt or Comatose Congress man or woman) cares for the well-being of his animals,(US Workers) but the feelings of the wicked (Unfair Trade Partners) are cruel. (Not Fair) He who tills his soil has his fill of bread. (Proverbs 12:9-11) e

Notice, if you read the above link in What Products We Americans Trade, it listed electronic gadgets as the largest dollar product commodity being imported into the USA. You decide if my transposition is relevant or folly and will increase in value in time same as farmland.

King Solomon Ecclesiastes

In the later part of his life, King Solomon realized his follies in life and wrote his Ecclesiastes. I am not going to preach to anyone how to spend what he or she works and chooses to do with their hard earned money. You earned it and it is your choice.

If we choose to spend our short time of life allowing the US to trade away our nation for electronic gadgets, you are not alone. According to the proven statistics of the results of our choices, and based on numbers of outsourced US jobs, trade deficits, lower wages, and sales of US farmland and assets to foreign interests, we certainly have done ……a very fine job.

However, especially parents, when you are in your later part of life, I wonder if you may regret as I do ihis. If instead of all those electronic gadgets I bought for my kids, and by doing so helped contribute to our trade deficits, selling of our nation’s farms and assets, I believe I would have rather used those dollars as this parent did her child. HERE

In My Next Post

I will explore the subject of fear of the past and change,  in relation to the reality of outdated failed economic theories of free trade.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Canada Restrictions  


Mexico Restrictions  


USA Restrictions ( As best I can determine, some states have farmland restrictions, but there are no Federal restrictions.}


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