What should the USA do to balance present deficit trade balances in my opinion?

In my last post I stated I would explore how, in my opinion, we should renegotiate trade agreements to achieve a non-adversarial win-win proposition to achieve free and fair trade agreements for both trade partners.

I continue to hear and read opinions from elitist newspaper editorial columnists, news commentators, and politicians, that it is a myth that US manufacturing will ever be restored to the US and the displaced workers whose jobs were outsourced need to fess up, re-educate themselves, move to other states etc, etc.

In My Opinion

The myth elitist’s do not explain how displaced workers can afford to pay to move, find the time to become re-educated while working two, part time minimum wage jobs just to pay food and rent. Even if all the displaced workers did as the elitists recommend, there will never be enough livable wage jobs available for the reeducated workers.

Frankly, if you agree with these elitists, I recommend you read no further.

If you agree with my opinion that not only will the jobs return, they must return or the US will continue on the present downward path all the economic statistics of lower living standards and wages indicate US workers are now experiencing.

King Solomon

Clouds and wind and no rain, a man who boasts about a non-existent gift. (Proverb 25:14)

In a previous post I gave an explanation of this proverb. HERE.

There is another wise saying, “Unless orders come from the top.”

In other words, if a leader, President, CEO, Boss, etc. wants something to happen, and he or she is “made of steel, and not straw” the chances of a meaningful change are more likely to happen.

President Obama promised in his first campaign run for President to renegotiate all trade agreements. Who is elected in the coming election matters if you want to witness the return of livable wage manufacturing jobs to the USA. Choose a candidate with a record of personal leadership accomplishments rather than another “empty suit politician I described in my above previous post.

What to Do?

  1. Elect a President who knows how to negotiate wisely.
  2. Develop a long range economic plan for our Nation same as Germany did as I explained in Post Six.
  3. Renegotiate all trade agreements based on the fact that unbalanced trade is harmful to a trade partner. Skilled negotiators identify this as a Win-Win strategy instead of our present winner and losers trade agreements.
  4. Incorporate the Warren Buffet Plan or a similar simple both accountable and manageable plan as I explained in Post Ten.
  5. Keep in mind that it takes years under normal manufacturing lead-times to build plants and equipment. However, if need be, as demonstrated in WWII, if threatened, the US is capable of producing goods and services and has a history of responding when challenged.
  6. Allow trade partners to build plants in the USA and employ US workers or invest in any free enterprise except to own US farmland.
  7. Restrict US dollars exchanged in trade to be used to buy US products as was the original economic theory proposed to Congress to justify free trade agreements. 


Do not allow fear of trade reprisals to occur as what happened in 1930’s.

Too many countries are now dependent on a global economy. If push comes to shove, the USA has farmland and we will never starve. We can survive without electronic gadgets but we cannot survive without food.

Frankly, in my opinion, we might be better off if all our TV’s and Xboxes, and I phones disappeared.

If the US dollar fails, all the foreign holders of US dollars will lose more than the USA.

And in worse case, if the US dollar becomes subject to hyperinflation, in time the US will recover same as Germany did after WWI as explained HERE.  

Another benefit, everyone will become equal again economically. All the animosity about the one percent’s will end. All the gold and silver they hoard cannot be digested and food would be rationed same as it was in WWII. Would you rather eat food or gold?

I Recommend

If you agree with my views, write your Congress Representative and ask him or her what they propose to do about unbalanced trade. If they give you the same oh about cutting taxes, I recommend you vote for someone else. Trickle down economics did not work before and it will not work again. Free Trade economic theory, based on the reality of our huge  present trade unbalances and unlivable working wages is a travesty. Free trade is only good for nations if it is fair trade.

You decide.

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