Who will millennials  choose, Trump or Clinton? It will depend on their knowledge of ‘likely’ proverbs v political  promises.

Unfortunately, proverbs are not very popular reading in our modern USA by millennials.

You won’t hear about proverbs in secular schools, music, songs, broadway plays, movies, or rappers, the most likely news sources of millennials.

However, politicians know this election may be decided by millennials and that is why the politicians are coming up with more ‘empty suit’ promises again directed toward millennials.  I will give you some examples, but first, allow me to explain what a proverb is compared to a promise.

Likely Proverbs v  Non Guaranteed Promises

“Proverbs are general, but not universal, statements. Proverbs are usually, or ordinarily, true. They speak about what is likely, not about what is guaranteed. But proverbs certainly are not promises. They are not absolutes. We cannot bank on them completely.”

What is My Point on Clinton, Sanders,  Promises?

The USA is currently twenty trillion dollars in debt mainly to foreign holders of USA Government Bills or Bonds. They accumulated the US dollars by inept trade agreements and are now using to rapidly buy up USA farmland and businesses.

Meanwhile,  Sanders and Clinton are promising millennials free college tuition to be paid by rich taxpayers. President Obama unsuccessfully tried to increase taxes on the superrich and instead doubled the National Debt from ten trillion to twenty trillion dollars and is still running up at 3.5 billion deficit dollars per day.

In other words, Sanders and Clinton are using the same tactic that Obama used, which was identified 3000 years ago in an ‘clouds but no rain’ or ’empty suit’ proverb.

There is another basic truth ‘that nothing is free.’  Millinnials should read about in this article why college in Europe is not free either. HERE

My point is the people who are going to have to pay back all the debt will be the same millennials, who even if they obtained a free college degree, will likely not have a job opportunity to make use of their degree. That is already now the case of millions of under employed US workers with college degrees that are now working two or more, part time jobs without benefits stocking shelves with imported products in retail stores.

What is My Point on Trump  Promises?

Trump is promising to reduce taxes on Corporations from thirty-five percent to fifteen percent. In a previous post I point out that most Corporations after tax deductions only pay an average of ten percent in taxes now.

If perhaps Trump intends for all businesses to pay a minimum tax of fifteen percent, to me it would make more sense. Also business in essence does not pay taxes. All they do is pass on their tax expenses in the form of the increased price for their products to their customers.

If they have a patent like drug companies, the CEO’s really, really, know how to pass on price increases.

If we continue spending, the National Debt is going to keep on increasing until the ‘whole proverbial USA bed’ is taken from under us.

However, there might be a likelihood that if Trump is successful bringing back manufacturing jobs in the millions, and workers are hired with livable wage jobs and benefits, workers will pay taxes again instead of receiving government food stamps, rent subsidies, medical subsidies, etc. etc.

However, to pay back twenty trillion dollars is going to take a long period of time.

King Solomon Likely Proverbs 

 Do not make a habit of striking hands, of going surety for debts. If you have no resources to settle them, why should your bed be taken from under you! (Proverbs 22:25, 26) 

Clouds and wind and no rain, a man who boasts about a non-existent gift. (Proverb 25:14)


You Decide. It is your future for Job Opportunities. It is your nation’s farmland and businesses that the foreign holders are buying up in a fire sale right now with wampum US dollars. If you are in agreement with Clinton on open borders, higher National Debt, and more of the same Obama diminished job opportunities economic policies,  it is your decision.

The polls show the election can go either way because non millennials have decided based on their past experiences or special interests with politicians.

Politicians know millennials are likely fair game for ’empty suit’ political promises. Trump is not a politician. What is peculiar though about Trump is that he brings up truthful issues that politicians hide under a rug called ‘political correctness.’

Check out the sources below if you are interested in what likely will happen based on your vote according to proverbial wisdom.


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