Want to know why it is good that Millennials want free college?

Because It is good that they are banausic.

But is it good or bad that they know that college may be their only option anymore to obtain a livable wage job opportunity in the USA?

Why and what does it mean to be banausic?


Related to or concerned with earning a living – used pejoratively, also utilitarian, practical (Merriam-Webster)

King Solomon

Hope long drawn out is a sickness of the mind, but realized desire is a tree of life. (Proverb 13:12)  

A leader that draws out and frustrates hopes and desires will lose the morale of his followers that will result in a sickness that will end their desire to bear children, their tree of life.

Dirty Truth About College Degrees

I heartily recommend any millennial who desires a college degree to pursue their hope to obtain one.  I wish everyone would want a college degree if for no other reason than to enrich their minds.

However, I also know not everyone wants a college degree and others might prefer to earn a living in a trade. So should both a college and trade schooling also be free too?

What educators do not reveal to millennials is that half of college students will never make use of their degrees because of lack of job opportunities.

What politicians also do not reveal to millennials is that because of their trade agreements, the USA has pursued a service economy which has severely limited their job opportunities.

In other words, on one hand, politicians promise hope to millennials to pursue a college degree, and on the other hand, they quash their job opportunities by allowing trade deficits and job outsourcing to other nations.

Then to add salt in millennials wounds, the politicians make it possible for students to enrich banks by guaranteeing loans for millennials which many will never be able to pay back because many of the service jobs do not pay livable wages.

In My Opinion  

Millennials need to consider carefully who to vote for in this election. It Is the millennials job opportunities that will be decided in this election.

Millennials should consider which political party will provide them a better job opportunity for their banausic success in order to fulfill their economic hopes and dreams for their future, and which party is hiding dirty secrets and promising you anything for your vote. Also which political party would be more successful to negotiate trade agreements.

It is their nation that is now being sold in a fire sale to foreign interests.

It will be the millennials who will have to pay back the current 20 trillion-dollar National Debt.

Millennials should consider which political party policies will help them realize their hopes, or, as King Solomon said, bring them sickness in mind when the politicians turn out to be ‘empty suits,’ or, how they can afford to pay back their college loans when they are paid service salaries.


Read these sources and vote for your future.  Will you be in the present 50 percent of college graduates that now are underemployed because of foolish politician’s unbalanced trade agreements?

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