Which candidate do millennials want to best represent their future interests?

The USA farmland and businesses are being bought up in a fire sale by foreign interests because of   President Obama, and the Hillary Clinton’s belief in open borders and globalism.

Which candidate’s future course and judgement will better represent millennial’s best future interests? In other words, millennial’s votes in this upcoming election of a Presidential candidate will determine their future.

What is Globalism?

There are plus and minus aspects in the belief of Globalism. The leaders you choose are supposed to represent you in the world and make certain globalism is in your positive interests. What you need to decide is which candidate will represent your interests with these questions.

Why is there such a huge increase of foreign interests buying out USA farmland and businesses going on now? Is it fair that Canada and Mexico and numerous other countries do not allow or limit foreign ownership of farmland while the USA does not?   How did foreign interests accumulate the nine trillion US dollars they are now using to buy up America? Why did Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State allow Russia to own twenty percent of USA uranium mines?

I have answered all of these questions in series of previous posts in the sources listed below except for why recently President Obama gave an incentive for foreign interests to own and profit more by buying up the USA by inserting this FIRPTA provision into law.


The provision waives the tax imposed on such investors under the 1980 Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, known as FIRPTA. HERE

Obama gave a tax break to foreign investors to buy up  USA real estate assets,  but not you millennial voters.  In other words, Obama is a better representative for foreign interest than USA citizens.

He will probably say foreign investment is positive to increase USA real estate values. However, millions of USA millennials cannot now afford a home down payment because they do not make a livable wage or their wages have not increased significantly.   HERE.

How Did Foreign Investors Accumulate Nine Trillion US Dollars?

By unfair Trade Agreements negotiated by inept politicians. To add salt into the wounds of USA millennials, Obama gave an tax incentive to bring back US dollars to the USA but will not allow a tax incentive to bring back over two trillion dollars being held by USA Corporations in foreign accounts.

In My Opinion

Millennials need to vote wisely this election to guard their assets, land and animals in the USA, same as King Solomon advised them 3000 years ago when he wrote these proverbs.

King Solomon  

Keep a close eye on your sheep pay careful attention to your flocks; for wealth does not last forever, riches are not inexhaustible. (Proverb 27: 23,24) 

Flocks and herds are a basic stable form of wealth and one which is self-perpetuating.   Money quickly made in trade and commerce is dissipated with equal rapidity, whereas flock and herds establish a tradition of wealth in a family, a kind of wealth which is consolidated by each succeeding generation and faithfully conveyed to the next. (Proverbs Mc Kane) 

A man of small means with one servant is better off than on who makes a show of grandeur, but is short of bread. A righteous man cares for the well-being of his animals, but the feelings of the wicked are cruel. He who tills his soil has his fill of bread. (Proverbs 12:9-11) 

Bostron holds that sentences of this kind indicate that a special value was attached to the tilling of the soil which was regarded as the highest kind of work, so that is is possible to speak of an agricultural ideal in the book of Proverbs. The antithesis, is particularly between such elemental work and involvement is dubious mercantile and financial transactions. (Proverbs Mc Kane) 

In Other Words,

When you no longer have any land or animals, you will become a servant to those who own those types of assets, which are then passed on to their posterity instead of your children.

I interpret ‘servant’ to be similar as a person who works in the ‘service’ industry. Our politicians who are supposed to represent USA interests, instead chose to believe the USA will prosper as a service industry nation, with open borders and globalism.

If millennials are not concerned with foreign interests buying up US farmland and industries,  it is their choice, so they should vote for Hillary Clinton.

And when millennials reach my age of 76 and look back, I can only wonder which of these two song verses they will sing to their children and grandchildren?

Will the words be….?

This land IS. …MY Land?


This land WAS…. MY Land?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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