Is the USA on a path to replicate the history of past failed nations?

In a previous post, I referred to a blogger’s post,  Solomon as a Political Leader, and challenged readers to  compare Solomon’s reign to our present election issues.  In this series of posts, I will relate segments of the bloggers post to current USA events and compare political policies.

King Solomon on the Future 

Since no one knows the future, who can tell someone else what is to come? (Ecclesiastes 8:7)

However, history has been known to repeat over time. You decide if the USA is repeating the same follies as recorded in history and whether or not the USA will also fail as a nation after reading this post.

Why Study History? Past and Present.

The purpose of historical inquiry is not simply to present facts but to search for an interpretation of the past.  It is commonly acknowledged that an understanding of the past is fundamental to an understanding of the present.

Comparison of King Solomon’s to USA  Economic Policies  

Excerpt King Solomon’s 

However, there are also hints in the text that strongly allude to some glaring inadequacies in Solomon’s economic expertise. For example, 1 Kings 9.11 mentions Solomon ceding 20 cities in Galilee to King Hiram as payment for timber and gold imported from Tyre. Such a payment method implies that Solomon’s state treasury had a serious fiscal deficit, despite all the alleged wealth accrued through international trade and tribute.” 

King Solomon on Debt

Do not make a habit of striking hands, of going surety for debts. If you have no resources to settle them, why should your bed be taken from under you! (Proverbs 22:25, 26)

USA Comparison of  ‘Serious Fiscal Deficit’ of Tribute (Taxes)

USA current National Debt is approaching $20 Trillion.

This years 2016 Deficit is $687 Billion, a 34 percent increase from last year.

USA –  Comparison of  ‘ceding 20 cities’ and ‘international trade.’

USA cities are not being ceded to our debtors (yet) same as King Solomon ceded Israel cities to  pay his debt. However, USA farmland, real estate, and businesses are being bought up in a fire sale by foreign interests because of President Obama, and the Hillary Clinton’s belief in open borders and globalism.

If interested, read these two previous posts about USA international trade agreements are ceding US assets to foreign interests.

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In My Next Post

I will compare King Solomon’s past Domestic Policies to present USA policies.

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