Will unfair USA taxation help replicate the history of failed nations?

In a previous post, I stated I will compare King Solomon’s Domestic Policies to USA present policies. This second post will relate how unfair taxes contributed to the richer northern Israel provinces from the poorer southern providences.

In my opinion it is similar to the present resentment of the USA one percenters vs. the middle class and poor presently taking place in todays USA political presidential politics.

Comparison of King Solomon’s Domestic Policy to USA   


Moreover, Solomon’s taxation of ‘all Israel’ starts to look decidedly dodgy when we note that he appeared to be taxing only the northern territory of the kingdom, whilst giving the southern area of Judah a generous tax ‘break’ (1 Kings 4.19b). Given the huge extent of provisions each territory was supposed to supply for the royal larder, one can imagine that the exemption of Solomon’s own southern homeland from this burden would have caused a considerable amount of resentful mutterings among his northern subjects. [A rather similar scenario took place in Scotland in the 1980s.]

USA Comparison of  ‘generous tax ‘break,’  and ‘resentful mutterings’

High-income Americans pay most income taxes, but enough to be fair? HERE

45% of Americans pay no federal income tax. HERE

In My Opinion

When you compare Clinton to Trump political arguments, I believe the ‘mutterings’ of both potential Presidential leadership candidates statements and questions about taxes being unjust and unfair are valid.

Is it not unjust and unfair that 45 percent of Americans do not pay any taxes while  only 2.7 percent pay 51.7 percent of Federal Taxes?

However, it is also not unjust and unfair that there is such a huge division of wealth in the USA?

Is, or was unfair leadership and taxation the core issue of the present ‘mutterings’ that is now dividing Americans and other nations in a similar manner that split up ancient Israel after the death of King Solomon?

What did wise King Solomon have to say about taxation and leadership?

King Solomon 

“A ruler must also remain righteous and make prudent decisions to prevent ruin of his country. Gifts or bribes will not persuade him to obtain political compromise without justice. By ruling with justice, a king will keep his country stable.” It is by justice that a king makes a country stable, but one who levies taxes makes a ruin of it. (Proverb 29:4)

In My Next Post

I will compare King Solomon’s Domestic Policy in regard to King Solomon’s use of slaves and how the issue relates to the USA slavery in the past, present and future.

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