Globalism vs Nationalism, which choice will make the USA submissive and subordinate to other nations? 

In a previous post, I stated I will explain how this statement is true today same as it was 3000 years ago.

“This treaty essentially put Solomon in the same submissive and subordinate position…”

 Excerpt of King Solomon’s International Policies in Comparison to USA International Treaties

On closer inspection, however, it appears that Solomon’s diplomatic relationships with other ancient Near Eastern rulers were sometimes less impressive than first imagined. Take, for example, his affiliation with King Hiram of Tyre, where Solomon’s status vis-à-vis this king is more akin to that of servant or vassal subject than political counterpart. Hiram, we are told, supplied Solomon with timber for the construction of his temple in exchange for an annual payment from Solomon of extravagant quantities of wheat and hand-pressed oil for Tyre’s royal household (1 Kings 5.9-11). This treaty essentially put Solomon in the same submissive and subordinate position in relation to Hiram as his northern subjects were with him – providing food for the royal table.”       

Repeat Performance?

Does this seem to be a repeat of the present USA international treaties? I believe so if you consider that the USA now has 66 defense treaties which obligates the USA to defend these nations.

In relation to trade and globalism, the USA, by choosing to outsource manufacturing, no longer can readily manufacture and produce in the USA the vital components for both our military and space exploration.

Yes, the USA Congress economic choice to embrace globalism instead of independence of  nationalism has placed  the USA into a submissive and subordinate position to other nations same as King Solomon did 3000 years ago. Most significantly by inept trade negotiations which has brought pver nine trillion dollars in trade deficits to accumulate by foreign interests.

The initial economic premise of globalism sold to Congress was every US dollar spent on foreign produced goods who someday return to the USA when our trade partners bought USA products and services. Instead, as I explained in Post Two, the dollars are being used to buy USA farmland, businesses, and real estate.

This adds only one factor comparison of submissive and subordinate position of the USA to our trade partners.

What is the Second Factor?

That is the comparison of how King Tyre in his treaty also included an exchange for an annual payment from Solomon of extravagant quantities of wheat and hand-pressed oil for Tyre’s royal household.

If you consider that when a foreign interest owns property and businesses in the USA, they make profits from their investments in the USA. These profits sent back to foreign interests, or Tyre’s royal household.

The comparison of Tyre’s household being the foreign nation profits that accrue from buying up USA farmland, businesses, and real estate to (feed) their royal household.

In My Opinion

In my opinion globalism is good if it is fair. Nine trillion dollars in trade deficits means US workers and trade negotiations are not fair and just for US workers and the future of their posterity.

We need wise political leaders that do what is right, just, and fair for the people they are supposed to represent. Are our leaders wise? You decide who you will choose to represent and lead our nation will serve the purpose they were elected according to the same purpose of the proverb of wisdom.  

King Solomon

Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives, to help them do what is right, just, and fair. (Proverb 1:3)

After the death of Solomon, his son made a foolish choice which led to the division of Israel and subjected their nation’s future posterity to become submissive and subordinate to foreign interests.

Hillary Clinton

“My dream is for open borders and globalism.”

Donald Trump

“I will renegotiate unfair trade agreements and treaties.”

Regards and goodwill blogging. 

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