Was the cast message to Pence a truth to power folly?

Definition of Meshuggener

A foolish or crazy person

King Solomon

An ideal governor is an upright truthful man. A community will thrive on the candor of their governor. A king loves the candid man with integrity in his circle of advisors.” A king approves truthful speech, and loves the words of upright men. (Proverb 16:13)


There is another wise saying about how and when to speak truth to power.

“praise in public and correct in private.”

In My Opinion  

The Hamilton Cast were Meshuggeners by addressing Pence in public.

I have listed below two source link articles about ‘truth to power’ I recommend you read them before you decide if the Hamilton Cast was wise or foolish in their timing and method.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links