Which fly should the Democrats Curse?

Today the CIA will curse Russia as being the fly in the Democrats election perfume.  However if you read the explanations of King Solomon Ecclesiastes Chapter 10, which fly should the Democrats really curse?

Russia the fly and serpent babbler?

Podesta, the Democratic Prince

The Childish Democrat Governors of their party?

If Interested,

Compare how these Ecclesiastes Chapter Ten verses in the below Source compare to the characters and plot and the wisdom and folly, especially in civil government.

Verse 10:1 Russia being the dead fly that spoils the smell of an election victory for the Democrats?

Verse 10:3 Podesta who reveals himself in his Email conversations

Verse 10:12 Trump, the wise observer?

Verse 10:20 The Democrats Governors of their party childish behavior, “it will be discovered.”

Purpose of this Post

Nothing is new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Foolish behavior has been recorded since ancient times by both governors and those being governed. Each new generation repeats folly of the past in spite of writings of advice by wise men of both past and present.

You Decide

When will we take the time to read, understand, observe, and practice the wisdom provided us to wise up and avoid the same follies recorded in history? When will come to understand the teachings of Practical and Spiritual Wisdom provided to us by the ancient and modern wise men history?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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