“Mom, why does Grandpa’s breath smell so bad?”

The Chicago Tribune on January 8, 2017 printed an article titled, Did cyberhacks hurt Clinton, that included these statements.

“ The truth is no one knows for sure…”, “Just because we can’t  quantify it specifically doesn’t’ mean that it had no impact.”

King Solomon

“Truthful speech lasts forever, but false speech only for a moment. (Proverb 12:19)

“Anyone who is among the living has hope – even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!” (Ecclesiastes 9:4.)  

What is My Point?

When you are confronted with truth, whether the question comes from a child or a hacker, the truth remains the truth.  Whether the truth causes pain or laughter is our personal reaction to hearing the truth.  In my opinion, all this article reports is meaningless hyperbole. The only question left out of the article is this. Were the hackings the truth or not?

If the hacks were true,  it was Podesta’s breath that smelled up Clinton’s election

In other words, if the hacks reported the truth and you concur with King Solomon’s wisdom proverb, the Democratic Party falsehoods were revealed in time. If the hackings were a factor in Hillary losing the election, then the truth caused her pain, but there will still be hope in her life.

If you are interested in how hope is related to truth and King Solomon, I recommend you read an   article linked in the Sources below.

If you are interested in how Russian hacks are related to the issue, I recommend you read a previous post of how King Solomon predicted three thousand years ago, this  same outcome and repeat scenario.

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