What song best relates to their lament Editorials about Illinois Politicians?

I have been reading their criticism editorials about Illinois politics and government for over fifty years and nothing ever really changes. The State is technically bankrupt and continues to spend more than it collects. It continues to operate without a budget, the primary requirement to begin any meaningful results to solve money problems.

King Solomon

There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9),

This ancient wisdom saying has been proven true countless times ever since Solomon wrote it 3000 years ago. In my opinion it now relates by adding “in Illinois.  Every year regardless of all the money problems, murder rates, pension funds crisis, etc, etc, etc. – the same politicians are reelected no matter what Chicago Tribune Editorial’s expound.

What Song Best Laments the Plight of the Chicago Tribune?  

I choose a song written in a play about a woman who laments about the decision she made about the man she let go of in her youth. The song became a hit by numerous talented song artists over time. Most listeners can relate and lament over personal, business and/or choices they made in past years. The hurt they experience may be real or imaginary, but hurt is hurt is hurt regardless.

When I first heard this song, I frankly did not understand the message of the title. Wikipedia explains why the song writer chose the word he used. Artistically, the word he intended would not work as well as the choice he made. However, both words relate to another.

What is the Song?

If interested, click on link in the source below. Then relate the title to the Chicago Tribune lamenting Editorials from both the past and the future.  Then think about the voter choices made in the last election.

In my opinion, until the next election, the only consolation of reading  future lamenting Chicago Tribune Editorials  will  be to amuse readers.

Yes, amusement is the only thing a person has left to ponder about once a regretful decision has been s made. Problem is the lamenting smile will only last in Chicago and Illinois, until the same outcome occurs as what happened to Detroit Michigan.

I believe when that happens, the lamenting of those affected will not be the same soothing sounds heard in a lyrical lamenting song. The effects will hurt their pocketbooks, dreams of retirement, and livelihood, and a theater performance or editorial will not amuse them.

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Lamenting Song HERE

Wikipedia HERE