Kudos to the DOJ Report on Police Failings. Now when will the DOJ report on Chicago Justice and Criminal Failings?

My question is intended to be felicitous about the report without disrespect.

Having received police training and experience, I may have greater insight on police activities. Having sat in police briefings and had access to police alert information from neighboring police districts to compare to my suburban police experience, I know this.

Policing in some Chicago Districts can be compared to being assigned to a war zone versus a peace zone district within short city blocks. In other words, policing in some districts can fit the description that “war is hell.”

My kudos to brave Chicago Police who serve in these districts where “shit happens” far too frequently. Yet they still serve and attempt to act in a professional manner while at the same time know that their duty is to maintain order, not to judge, because that is the responsibility of court justice decisions at a far slower time and pace.

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I stated that part of the solution to gang problems is everyone knows that an arrested gang member will quickly be released on bail and become a threat to anyone who complained to the police. So fear and intimidation deter local residents to cooperate with police.

In My Opinion

We have a fast track customer service in private and public services. For example, Amazon or Toll roads.   but gang member fast tract justice is mostly ignored or non existant. .

That is why I beg this next question.  When will the DOJ report findings to resolve Chicago Gang Violence and Killings. For example, use the same Chicago Tribune Headline wording, Dated January 14, 2017 below, that describes the DOJ Police Failings, and substitute the words, “DOJ”  or “Criminal” instead as I do below.


 Justice report rips Chicago Police for excessive force, lax discipline, bad training

Justice report rips Chicago Courts for excessive force, lax discipline, bad training

Justice report rips Chicago Criminals for excessive force, lax discipline, bad training

In My Opinion  

The former Chicago Police Commander let go by the Chicago Mayor commented the report was rushed and incomplete in his opinion because he was never asked by the DOJ for his input.

Any report is better than none in Chicago. I hope it helps.

When will the DOJ report on the other involved parties.

King Solomon  

As dead flies give perfume a bad smell,
so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor. (Ecclesiastes 10:1)

In other words, a swarm of flies will also find the sweet and pleasing smell of a perfume pleasant and become attracted to the source. However, when flies die near a perfume source, the stench of their carcasses had caused the perfume to become rancid and emit a foul pungent odor.

The Solomon of the Ecclesiastes never forgot that smell and he uses it here as an analogy for folly. Wisdom is sweet like a fragrant perfume. But it does not take much foolishness to turn things around because folly stinks. Same as one rash word, one rude remark, one hasty decision, or one angry outburst to spoil everything. As Derek Kinder remarks, “it is easier to make a stink than to create perfume.” ( Ecclesiastes, Phillip Graham Ryken)

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