Did Ancient Wisdom Help to Lower This Leechlike Drug Price? 

Definition of Kudos

praise and honor received for an achievement.

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In a previous post about the exorbitant salary jump to CEO Heather Bresh from two, to eighteen million dollars shortly after increasing the cost of the Mylan Epipen 547 per-cent.

The Chicago Tribune reported on January 11, 2017 that CVS Pharmacy is now selling a genetic equivalent for $109.99 instead of more than $600.

My kudos to CVC Pharmacy.

King Solomon

A community curses one who withholds grain, but there is a blessing on the head of one who sells it. (Proverb 11:26)

The leech has two daughters, Give, Give (Proverb 30:15)


It is not wise for a merchant to price gouge and anger the community. It creates an incentive for competition to be successful to steal your customer base because angry customers are no longer loyal customers. In other words a leech will not survive if there is no one to supply them blood anymore.

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