Does any man know what women marching today are protesting?

My wife and I took a train to downtown Chicago today to walk and enjoy mild January weather. On the train, there were a number of women carrying various signs to use in a protest march. I asked my wife what they are protesting and she said she did not know and why was I  asking her. I replied because women know better than men about women. She then gave me her “your going to the doghouse look again.”

I guess my wife interpreted my question to be a personal innuendo insult that she was not politically in tune with “the women’s program.”

So she asked another woman on the train if she knew why and this was her reply.

“The election is over and done, why they are protesting now is beyond me.”


So when I returned home, I googled, “why are women protesting today,” and found this explanation.

“With the timing and sheer number of people involved, it comes as little surprise that there are various causes attached to the march, which was largely billed as a demonstration in support of women’s rights and civil rights but for many has clear political undertones connected to the inauguration of Donald Trump.”

What Does That Mean?


In other words, what is the logic and wisdom of the protest? Trump was inaugurated yesterday and has not done anything yet. What is the wisdom of protesting something that has yet occurred? And besides, Trump is not a king, and most anything he proposes must be consented to by Congress. Perhaps, they should march when the issues are debated in Congress?


If one million people protested across the nation yesterday, out of a eligible voting population of 138 million, that  equates to less than one percent of the nation’s electorate.

So does that mean it is not my wife, along with another approximately 67 million women voters who are politically our of tune with out of tune with the “women’s program” in the USA?. (138 divided by 2 minus 1 million.)

Or Perhaps , does it mean the marches were  “Much Ado About Nothing?”

Then I wondered, how would King Solomon discern the logic of the women protesting today?

King Solomon

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife. (Proverb 21:9)

I interpreted this proverb to surmise a conflict between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba about the difference between men and women. I surmised in the novel that the Queen of Sheba made a statement about the differences in women versus men’s minds.

In the following novel Excerpt, she explains a second interpretation of a wise saying along with insight wisdom of women. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote understanding of proverbs and ancient wise sayings in relation to our modern times.


“Solomon, a while back, I posed this question to you. What do men really know about the workings of woman? I also quoted a Babylonian wise saying. “The bitch in her search for food gave birth to a poor litter.” There is another meaning to this saying, which I will now reveal to you along with an insight wisdom of women, which hopefully may help you to understand us better. Perhaps this information will also reduce the amount of time you now spend on your palace roof alone in order to survive and cope with all your wives.”

She then paused purposely, as if to gain my attention to what she would say. My face must have exposed my now intense curious interest of what new surprise she would expose about her personal perceptions.

“Please, by all means tell me, what is this insight of women we men do not understand?” I prodded her.

What is My Point?

Perhaps someone can comment to explain what is the point because I, being a mere mortal man, frankly still do not understand the logic of today’s women protests are really about.

If anyone has a answer, I would be interested in knowing what Trump has done that merits hundreds of thousands of woment to protest today.

Or perhaps, was the protest march really about some “ trumped up” reason by disenchanted poltical party activists who refuse to accept the results of the election was not to their personal agenda or liking and they know what is best for the “deplorables?”

Or is it resentment of personal loss of power in Washington driving the activists?

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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