Would King Solomon consider the use of recreational drugs to be folly?

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The Chicago Tribune has recorded the number of shootings and victims in Chicago beginning January 1, 2017. As of January 30, there have been 302 shootings.  I have no other information about the incidents other than what was reported.  The purpose of this post, is to hopefully promote a meaningful   conversation by our legislators to obtain solutions and begin to teach moral wisdom in our schools to find an immediate and long term solution to promote the general welfare of our city, state, and nation.

There is no single cause or solution for the violence. This post will focus on how recreational drugs promotes gang violence and is folly for drug users.

King Solomon

 I thought deeply about the effects of indulging myself with wine (all the while my mind was guiding me with wisdom) and the effects of behaving foolishly, so that I might discover what is profitable for people to do on earth during the few days of their lives. (Ecclesiastes 2:3)

She is more precious than jewels; And nothing you desire compares with her. Longlife is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches and honor.  (Proverbs 3:15-16)

Solomon’s message is we only have a limited time of days in our life. One reward of making use of wisdom is to achieve long life on one hand and riches and honor on the other hand.

In the Sources below are three articles that compare how much time a person subtracts “during the few days in their lives” by using drugs and other substances. Check them out and you decide if recreational drugs are worth the price of living less time in your life.

Who to Blame for Gang Violence?

As in water face reflects face, So the heart of man reflects man. (Proverb 27:19)

Anyone who buys drugs from a gang source is an accessory helping to promote gang violence. If you live in a high crime area and buy and use recreational drugs, you need to look in the mirror and into your heart. There you will see the reflection of who is helping to promote gang violence. The question for your heart will be, do you feel guilt for being an accessory to gang violence.

In My Opinion

I believe President Trump should not bother to send in the Fed’s to put an end to Chicago Violence. Our nation needs to stop being depended on the Federal Government to solve all our problems.

Instead, he should, in a Presidential Address to the Nation, ask every American citizen to look into a pool, or a mirror, and into their own hearts, and accept responsibility for their folly of  being accessories to Chicago violence, gang murders, and shortening their own lives by indulging  in recreational drugs.

He should point his finger at every legislator who voted to approve the lawful use of recreational drugs in their communities. By approving drugs, they bear responsibility for every highway death caused by a driver impaired using a recreational drug, and every life that will be shortened by drug use.

He should also point his finger at every community organizer of protest marches who complains about the failure of their government to maintain order in their community. He should advise them, instead of complaining and pointing fingers at government, they should point their fingers at the members of their community who buy recreational drugs from gangs, and by doing so,  promote gang violence and incentives to the youth in their communities to become fools for gangs.

He should also include every Hollywood movie star, and movie producer who participate in filming a movie to glamorize the use of recreational drugs.

He should ask Congress to pass a law to make every holder of a medial license issued by the FAA, to provide daily free public address time for the CDC to broadcast the truth about how use of recreational drugs reduces their lifespans. How HIV/ AIDs is transmitted and the consequences of unprotected sex.

What does Pogo Have to do with Recreational Drug Use?

I was inspired to write this post by Walt Kelly’s cartoon character Pogo and his wise saying, In my opinion Pogo’s saying explains the crux truth of who is responsible for gang violence, the drug scourge in our nation, and the contribution to ruination of uncountable lives of recreational drug users.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

You Decide

Would King Solomon consider the use of recreational drugs to be folly base on his proverbial wisdom?

Would you agree with this wise saying?

‘The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves.”

Would you give this King Solomon advice to your son or daughter?

My son, if evil men tempt you, do not give in to them! They might say, ‘Come with us! We shall attack an innocent man. We shall destroy him. We will be as cruel as hell to that man.  We shall take his riches. His wealth will belong to us. Join us! We shall share everything.’(Ecclesiastes 3:10-14)

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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