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column in the Chicago Tribune on January 3, 2017, The Bible and the Constitution are both silent about abortion. 

I previously added to this same post after I read today’s  John Kass column about Planned Parenthood in the Chicago Tribune August 5,2015.What did the wise King Solomon write about abortion? What is the link between King Solomon, the heated controversy about abortion, Hemingway, and John Kass, and Ron Grossman?
After reading a reblog article forwarded by Citizen Tom titled What is Wrong With Abortion HERE,  I decided to check into what King Solomon wrote about abortion.

I personally could not find anything specific that related to the subject of abortion in the sense we know today as a choice to prematurely terminate a pregnancy.

I then checked the internet and found two conflicting interpretations of King Solomon writings from pro-life and pro-choice articles.  Both present their views as either condemning or condoning abortion aided by the writings of King Solomon.  Neither article in my opinion really addresses the specific subject of abortion. Instead the writers have expressed personal interpretations to relate King Solomon writings as an added credence to their articles. I listed the references below, you can decide if King Solomon would agree with the writers.

I say this because three thousand years ago, children were considered to be a blessing from Yahweh, the God of Israel during King Solomon’s reign, and an asset to a family. There is historical proof of various crude methods employed to prevent pregnancy and some instances of attempts to outlaw abortions. None compare to modern medicines to control pregnancy and surgical abortions of approximately one million per year that are performed in the USA.

Whether or not a person may have a personal view of pro-life or pro-choice, or the Supreme Court has decided abortion is legal, it really makes no difference in regards to the present controversy.  We use various choices of words to appease, soften, alter, modify, justify, or tone down the description of the surgical procedure or reason for the decision. For example, abortion, fetus termination, terminating an unwanted pregnancy, a woman’s right to decide what is best for her body, freedom, etc.

However the truth of the matter, whether decided by philosophic reasoning, a religions or atheist belief, a political decision, lawful judicial decision, or common sense is this. When someone makes a choice to end a pregnancy, they are deciding to kill a living child developing in the womb of a mother.

King Solomon

King Solomon’s writings are his wise advice to make us aware that we are responsible for the wise or foolish decisions or actions we make. I do not believe any King Solomon Proverbs of wisdom should be referred to about the subject of abortion because he believed we should all live by the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not kill.

King Solomon also understood reality. He believed that Yahweh will be the final judge to weigh the pros and cons of every human act or decision, wise or foolish, when he wrote this proverb. The balance and true scales are Yahweh’s concern; all the weights in the bag are his affair. (Proverb 16:11)


In my opinion, the most effective way to reduce the need for abortion would be to make the father responsible to pay all costs related to a pregnancy and child support care regardless of his age, juvenile or adult. Regardless of the time it takes to make him pay, even if it is for the rest of his life if necessary. There is an old saying, if you want to play, then will have to pay.

If a mother refuses to name the father, pass a law to prevent her from becoming eligible to receive any government assistance or child support. If the woman names the wrong man, modern DNA science is available to determine the biological father.

There will be exceptions as there always are to every circumstance. However, make a judge decide on the exceptions rather than a caseworker.

Why am I bringing up costs? Because all costs are passed on in some way or form to all of us to pay  costs for abortions and unwanted pregnancies, child support etc, in the form of insurance, government assistance, or taxation. There is another old saying. Nothing is free.

Do these things and watch how fast the numbers decrease when word gets around.

John Kass

“Still the horrifying videos make something too clear, What’s going on at Planned Parenthood is barbaric.

And since Americans fund Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars, avoiding the issue doesn’t really work.

Because the use of our money makes us complicit.”


So what has Hemingway have to do with the subject of abortion? Millions of words have been written about the pros and cons on the subject of abortion. In my opinion, his short six word story describes best the final message ending of every story or article ever written about abortion.

“For sale, baby shoes, never used.”

For any of you who know these words were originally used to describe a stillborn birth rather than an abortion, ask yourselves this. What is really the difference between the two circumstances? To me, both are very sad story endings.

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