Should President Trump send Feds to end violence?

King Solomon  Proverbs 

31“So they shall eat of the fruit of their own way And be satiated with their own devices. 

Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way (Free Will Choices),..

32 For the waywardness of the naïve will kill them. And the complacency of fools will destroy them.

For the turning away of the simple shall slay them,…. Or be the cause of their being slain; even their turning away from Christ, their aversion to him; their turning their backs on him, and a deaf ear to him; 

33“But he who listens to me (Wisdom, Practical or Spiritual) shall live securely And will be at ease from the dread of evil

But whoso hearkeneth unto me,…. To Wisdom, or Christ; to the cry and call above; to the voice of his Gospel, not only externally, but internally; so as spiritually and experimentally to understand it, 

(Proverbs 1:31-33 Gils Commentary)

What is My Point

If you discern the crime statistics in the Souses below, you can readily see that the majority of victims being killed are engaged in criminal acts.

There are also peacemakers and innocent victims which begs the next question? Is it wise for peacemakers, whether they be local police or Feds, to risk their lives to try to suppress the criminal actions of the gang wars who are killing each other? Or should they only be concerned about innocent victims?


Perhaps we need a conversation about Government Wisdom. For example, should peacemakers engage only seek justice for innocent victims? For example, if a person makes a free will choice decision to become a drug addict, or engages in selling drugs in another gang’s disputed territory, and the result is gang members killing each other, perhaps we need to rethink how King Solomon laws of ancient times.

Before you dismiss me as some kind of nut or fool, I urge you to read on and discern that what I just stated is the reality taking place in Chicago and Mexico. Perhaps not by government volition or choice, but by limitations of government to be totally effective to rule over free will choices and complacency of human foolish behaviors.

Chicago v Mexico City Violence

A recent news report stated there was a 22 percent rise in 2016 Murders in Mexico. If you compare violence ratios of both cities, they statistics are very similar. If you compare statistics of Chicago killings, Hispanics are second to Blacks in murder rates.

Is that why President Trump remarked that he may send Feds to both Chicago and Mexico? Perhaps we do need to have a conversation?


There are limits of Government. If you decide to engage in criminal actions, you subject yourself to criminal punishment by both Government and revengeful retaliations by the victims gang members.

Government cannot solve all the problems caused by fools that make foolish free will choices to risk shortening their limited time on earth. For example, if you choose to smoke, whether it be cigarettes of cannabis, you are shorting your own life span. If you buy drugs from a gang, you are in effect a complacent accomplice who helps promote  gang violence and criminal actions in your communities.

Law In Ancient Times

Believe it or not, King Solomon judged mainly civil disputes. He would only judge the guilt or innocence of a murderer if someone was brought before him, and two witnesses to a murder would testify against the accused. If King Solomon judged the witness to risk lying,  they would suffer the same penalty a premediated murder. The penalty was to be hanged immediately after judgement and buried before sunset.

In a novel Excerpt, I surmised, based on proverbs, how King Solomon may have explained to the Queen of Sheba why he considered revenge by a victims family as a domestic matter and not a matter to be judged in a court. The novel is a contemporary application to promote understanding of how ancient proverbs and wisdom is still relevant in our modern world.

Novel Excerpt

“Solomon, how does allowing avengers to settle domestic matters bring about order in your community? I would surmise that the result of revenge as a remedy for family feuds that spew hatred would only serve to increase more revengeful actions.”

“Bilqis, you may be right, however, we have no way of knowing for certain. On the other hand, because we understand all domestic acts against their neighbors are subject to family revenge rather than courts, an Israelite will think twice before committing any offense against a neighbor.”

In My Opinion

President Trump should not send Feds to either Chicago or Mexico. Rather he should do what he does well. That is to speak out in a frank truthful manner who is really to blame as I suggested in Post Seven (HERE) to make use of free media public services messages time.

Why? Because sending Feds will only be a short time solution to solve the real problem that needs to be addressed. Read again the above proverbs and discern the message of Proverb 32, the word naïve can only be corrected by teaching wisdom, and the word complacency can only be corrected by all individuals who choose to make lawful and wise free will choices to help both themselves and their communities.    

Regards and goodwill blogging.


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