Another report of a greedy drug CEO hated by his community for enriching himself off the government and sick.

The Chicago Tribune on February 14, 2017 reported how a scathing letter from Senator Sanders warning Marathon Pharmaceuticals about their decision to price a drug at $89, 000 that could be purchased outside the USA for $1200. On February 17, another article reports that the main  Pharmaceutical lobbying group is now reconsidering allowing Marathon Pharmaceuticals  membership.

This reminded me of a King Solomon proverb that is another example of the proof of the credibility of wise King Solomon’s observation that “nothing is new under the sun.”

Even in ancient times, a greedy businessman was hated by his community. In our modern world, greedy CEO’s share the same community ire is a repeat performance that nothing is new when it comes to greedy businessmen lacking morality in their business practices.

Novel Excerpt

“Then there is the man most hated in his community. That man produces grain and refuses to sell it in time of scarcity. He holds back his grain from market to take advantage of obtaining the highest price at the expense of his community without regard for the common good. His opposite sells immediately whatever grain he has. A person motivated by social responsibility instead of maximum gain wins regards and esteem from his community and blessings from his God.” A community curses one who withholds grain, but there is a blessing on the head of one who sells it. (Proverb 11:26)

Give, Give

In another proverb, King Solomon used a comparision technique of the CEO appears to emulate leeches that have two suckers to use on their “victims” to “give, give.”  The leech has two daughters, Give, Give (Proverb 30:15)

How So Comparison?

The leech attaches to his victim to suck blood and will stay attached until the victim notices and rids it from their body. A greedy drug CEO attaches to a victim to suck out their money. However, when a person needs drugs to survive, same as food in ancient time proverb, the victim submits and allows the leech to continue (six years) to suck out  blood money to feed the leech.

Who are the Give, Gives?

Giver One is the person who needs the drug and pays from his own money or the money from his insurance Company that in turn charges higher fees to all others that are insured.  .

Giver Two are all taxpayers that pay to subsidize all drug costs with shared tax revenues.

In My Opinion

The Drug Orphan Act was enacted as a government incentive for companies to compensate for the costs drug companies incur to pay costs for government  safe drug approval needs to be amended to prevent price gouging by greedy drug companies.

For example, during war times it was common government practice to issue cost plus ten percent contracts to manufactures in order to obtain critical products needed during wartime. Needed supplies not only helped win the war, but also saved lives.

The cost- plus ten percent worked for our nation against an enemy motive to conquer. We apparently seem to have another war to win against an enemy with a motive of greed in our nation.

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