Are Government leakers and Trump protesters Intriguers? Is North Korea using an ancient remedy for Intriguers? 

I rode a train to downtown Chicago this weekend to walk on the River Walk and along the way saw Trump protestors marching with various protest signs. I have no qualms with peaceful protest. However, one sign caught my attention which stated. “Trump is not my President.”

The thought came to me that if he is not his president, why is he participating in a political protest? I surmised he was either a visitor traveling through the USA, or an Intriguer.

Noun Definition of Intriguers

9.the use of underhand machinations or deceitful stratagems. 

10.such a machination or stratagem or a series of them; a plot or craftydealing:

political intrigues. 

Some Synonyms of Intriguers (noun scheme)

conspiracy, fraud, plot, double-dealing, stratagem, manipulation, trickery  (More Here) 

King Solomon  

King Solomon ordered one of his half brother’s death after Solomon perceived his half-brother  broke his loyalty vow and became an intriguer. In the following novel Excerpts, I surmised, based on proverbs, how King Solomon described some machinations of an intriguer.


“My intriguer half-brother apparently still believes he is the rightful successor to my throne even though he prostrated himself when he swore allegiance to me.” He who lays plans to do evil gets the name ‘Intriguer’. (Proverb 24:8)

“His aggrieved vanity drove him to create an inaccessible quarrel between brothers. A quarrel once started between a brother or a close friend becomes an inaccessible task to break down as the bars or gates of a palace. One who quarrels with his fellows with a deep sense of personal injury cuts himself off and presents an arduous task of conciliation. It is like scaling a fortification, which now obstructs him to the rediscovery whom he has lost to get on the other side of the obstruction to renew friendship and forgive injuries.” An aggrieved brother is more inaccessible than a fortified city, and quarrels are like the bars of a palace. (Proverb 18:19)

He who winks his eye is planning intrigue; he who purses his lips has completed mischief. (Proverb 16:30)

North Korea 

We are hearing news reports this past week,about the North Korea President being accused of the murder of his half-brother. In ancient times it was a common practice to murder any family member that might pose to threat to plot as an intriguer to overthrown the new ruler.

Will the truth ever be told by the now captured murder suspects in custody? Or will they never admit who ordered them to kill.  ISIS Terrorists have been known to motivate suicide bombers by intimidating them to do as ordered or their relatives will be killed.

Shakespeare Comedy 

Anyone interested in how Shakespeare mastered the trickery of intriguers in his comedies, I recommend reading this novel.

Shakespeare and the Traditions of Comedy by Leo Salinger HERE

However, keep in mind that intriguers are nothing to laugh about when their machinations serve to promote anarchy in the USA.

You’re Fired 

President Trump, and any business owner, executive, supervisor in private business over time may experienced having to fire an employee who is not a team member or intrigues against his authority. King Solomon apparently agrees that it is wise to fire disloyal troublesome people when he wrote this proverb.

Drive out the mocker, and out goes strife; quarrels and insults are ended. (Proverb 22:10)

Loyalty Oath Questions?

Does President Trump need to demand government employees take a Loyalty Oath or voluntarily resign to avoid beign prosecuted  as a disloyal traitor?

Are American Citizen protesters intriguers who do not believe in Democracy and the Constitution when they proclaim Trump is Not My Presidentt?

Are politicians and activists news commentators  intriguers when they make statements to promote anarchy?

 Remedies, In My Opinion

We need different strokes for different folks.

Protesters need to realize that the election is over, the fat lady has sung. Democracy provides for another election in two years. They should exert their energy  on winning the next election rather than disrupt lawful plans of President Trump who was chosen in a free Democratic election.

Politicians need to be examples of Civil Decorum in Democracy functions. Instead of intriguing, there is a lawful place for them to debate issues. If interested read where they should be voicing their opinions.HERE

The Supreme Court should explain both lawful Rights and Wrongs to protesters who seem to believe that they are within their rights to disrupt lawful assembles of people with opposite views. If Interested, read this Post Series HERE

Hollywood Fools who made public oaths to leave the country if Trump was elected should fulfill their vows and leave instead of prattling their politcal opinions. My best regards and wish to  them  is to “have a nice trip” to what other country they choose. However, I recommend it not be North Korea or any terrorist country who do not take kindly to Americans, especially if they are Intriguers..

Regards and goodwill blogging.

 Novel Excerpt Source HERE