Were the occurrences at the Oscars the result of a curse and the pressing of curds?

Viewer  ratings plunged at the 2017 Oscars. One reason was because “ some viewers who have grown weary of watching liberal celebrities tear into president Donald Trump.” 

King Solomon


In ancient times, people believed that curses could cause mishaps to another person. In a novel excerpt, King Solomon explains that if you do not engage in folly against someone, you will not be cursed by anyone..

Novel Excerpt

“Think of a good man being a wandering bird in flight. No undeserved curse will come to a wandering bird in flight unless there is a reason or cause for it to land.” As a sparrow on the wing and a swallow in flight, so is an unmerited curse, which does not alight. (Proverb 26:2)


When entertainers press their political opinions in an inappropriate time and place, they must live with the results.

Novel Excerpt

“Bilqis, the subject of religion (or political) matters is volcanic. If a ruler provokes their subjects about this topic they turn sourer than milk curds, and he will have erupted within them to spill out hot anger beyond their limits same as hot lava flows from a volcano.”

“In other words, when you press milk through a cloth, you will produce sour curds. When you press men to anger, you will produce blooded noses and strife. What you press to produce, you must then contend with your makings.” For the making of milk produces curds, and the pressing of the nose produces blood, and the pressing of anger produces strife. (Proverb 30:33) 

In My Opinion

I concur with the article viewpoint and even warned in a previous post that entertainers are fools by pressing social graces when they express personal political opinions on what is supposed to be an entertainment TV showing.

You Decide

Did someone curse the Oscars and the result was the wrong envelope was given to cause the folly that occurred at the end of the show?

Are the low Neilson ratings the result of anger by the “deplorables” because of fool Hollywood entertainers pressing their “curds,” or opinions in an inappropriate time and place?

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